6 photos of cats who don’t know what a personal space is

Respect the privacy of their owners? The response of these very nice felines is negative and the following roundup of photos proves it

The personal space it is a right of each of us. Our four-legged friendsHowever, they don’t always realize it, especially when it comes to today’s feline protagonists. For them, in fact, it is something absolutely unknown, indeed, we dare say alien!

However, putting all of this into words is quite difficult. For this reason we have decided to rely, as we always do in such cases, on one gallery of photos all to be enjoyed one by one.

So, without wasting any more precious time, let’s immediately start dancing and laughing, wishing you one good vision!

“Busy, Sorry”

If you thought big cats were afraid of water, well, now’s the time to think again. In order to invade the personal space of the owners, in fact, they are even willing to get wet!

“No Work Today, You Have The Day Off”

feline paws pc

Naturally it was not the owner who decided it but his assistant manager, this splendid and irresistible little cat.

“Hey, Don’T Invade My Space!”

cat in the drawer

It might seem that the owner said this sentence, but in reality from the look it seems that the cat himself pronounced it!

Zero Privacy, Not Even When It’S Top Priority

kitty in the bathroom

You know, cats love to follow their owners when they go to the bathroom!

From Car To Super Relaxing Bed Is Another

feline above car

You must know that the place he chose is certainly not a causality: in fact, the heat of the engine is concentrated in that point.

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With Mom, Always!

kitty rests

And by always we mean in every place and in each time!

Well, here we are again today at the end of another wonderful adventure by four-legged friends. Now, which one of these was most successful in winning your heart with his sweetness? Let us know, we are very curious to find out!

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