6 photos of cats who can’t hide their disappointment

Hiding disappointment is much more difficult than it might seem and these 6 felines are the definitive confirmation

When it comes to HIDE The disappointment there are two types of subjects: those who succeed, thus demonstrating respect for the opinion of others, and those who do not succeed. Here, the four-legged protagonists fall into this category hairy of today.

In fact, they know how to do anything but hide their disappointment. Explaining all this only in words, however, is almost impossible. We will therefore leave it to the following to speak gallery of photos not to be missed.

Before officially starting the dancing and laughter, however, we certainly could not skip the inevitable appointment of the good vision!

“No, I’M Not Jealous At All. What Makes You Think So?”

It doesn’t seem like it at all to us. If anything, he is showing affection, albeit in a rather “imaginative” way, to his canine four-legged friend!

Defiant Look

feline frowns

Here, however, we have a look that portends everything but dispassionate love and various saccharines. Who knows why she has that face there? Have you received fewer kibbles than usual?

When Hugs Aren’T Your Forte

kitty doesn't want hugs

Yeah, apparently this kitty doesn’t feel particular sympathy for hugs, not even the most affectionate ones ever.

“Um… There Are Two Of Us!”

funny adorable kitty

We also have another hug enthusiast!

When You Are Forced To Eat A Food That You Don’T Like

cat looks at banana

You know right? We believe that all of us have found ourselves in these situations at least once. And our face was, of course, right here!

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When The Hairdresser Gives You A Totally Different Cut Than What You Asked For

cut fur feline

This is also another quite situation familiar to many of us, if not all.

Well, here we are again today at the conclusion. Which of these four-legged feline friends has you conquered more heart? Let us know, we’re super curious to find out!


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