What do you want from me? 8 photos of cats trying to tell their owners something

Sometimes just a glance from them is enough to make us understand everything, while others need something more, something unequivocal

Among the thousands of things that our cat friends know how to do, there is also that of doing comprehend at any time, in any situation that requires it. If they try to tell someone something, it means that that thing is important; they don’t waste useless energy to communicate useless things, keep this in mind.

Therefore, when there is a need to say something to the owner on duty, cats invent them all in order to express themselves as clearly as possible. From gestures to continuous meows, these are the “secret” moves that every feline knows for the purposes of communication. Joy, despondency, disbelief and anger, as well as disappointment and serenity.

These that we have mentioned are just some of the feelings that cats know how to understand and reproduce in their own way. Today, for a laugh (but also to analyze their extraordinary complexity) we will examine 8 photographs which, in our way of seeing it, perfectly represent the subject. Let’s begin!

I’M Not At All Happy With Your Behavior

A cat scolding the owner with a look

Is This My Snack?

cat fixes aperitif bottle

This will be the thought of the kitten

Get Me Out Of Here Immediately!

cat wide eyes bed

I don’t want to stay there for even another second!

Oh No! Did You Find Me

cat under bed sheets

The confusion in his eyes is hilarious

I’M Doing You A Favor, Just For Today Though

cat phone holds up well

Look how proudly he holds the phone

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Do You Think It’S Confusing? I’M Not At All! Understood?!?

cat upside down

Don’t get it wrong, your safety is worth it

Leave Me Here Forever

the cat is at peace with the world

A cat at peace with the world


cat shocked by the moment

If only he could talk…

The next time your cat gives you a look of his own, you’ll know exactly what he means, thanks to our basic course in understanding feline behavior. We’re joking of course, however there’s no denying the variety of things a cat can mean with a single glance. Did we ever say that they are creatures unique?

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