8 photos of cats that form couples that are unique in the world

Two is better than one, this basic concept also applies to the world of cats, an exceptional world from all points of view

“Two is better than one” says a famous phrase, on the other hand no one can deny it, especially when applied to the feline world. Cats, who have always made friendship and affection some of their values fundamental always manage to form unique couples in this world, able to excite with little, indeed, very little.

Yet that little is enough, because the simplicity of love always pays off and admits no exceptions. All this to say that if there are any skeptics in the world about uniqueness of cats, it means that they have never really met or seen them in pairs. The sentence with which we began is an (almost) total truth and today we want to prove it to you.

We’ll do it with the usual modus operandi, or with a series of images and photographs taken to underline how loving our 4-legged friends can be. This series of shots will make you full of sweetness and tenderness, with a pinch of fun that never fails; ready? But yes you are!

So close…

Yet so distant!

Divided, Yet They Are The Same

cats above tree feline

When union actually makes strength (and what strength)

Love Don’T Leave Me!

cat does not let go friend

Please don’t!

One Is The Shadow Of The Other

black cat shadow of the white one

Impressive the difference

How To Recognize A Friend?

cats tongue out both

We respond with an image

Oh No, They Caught Us

cats make trouble brings

Mission failed, I repeat, mission failed

Today I Received Two Very Soft Blankets

cats look like blankets

I can’t wait to try them

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Successful Ambush

cats ambush dog stairs

There is no escape for the dog

We really hope we have convinced those who had any doubts about cat couples, doubts that could have been founded until a few minutes ago, now have no reason to exist. For all those who love cats, these images only give credence to what we all already know: they are special beings, unique in the world, unique in the universe!


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