6 photos of cats that could never be separated from their owners

Do you think cats are not able to love us? Here is a roundup of photos capable of proving the opposite and, at the same time, winning your heart

Always ours four-legged friends I am subject to prejudices and false beliefs about them. In fact, many believe that cats are not capable of loving their owners due to their cold and distrustful nature, which on the contrary prefers solitude. Today, well, we’re here to prove you the exact opposite by showing you felines that could never be separated from their masters.

More specifically, here in the following lines one awaits you gallery of photos which we absolutely can’t wait to show you.

So, without wasting any more precious time, let’s get started immediately, wishing you one as always good vision!

Two Prejudices Debunked At The Same Time

The first is that regarding the character of cats. The second, however, concerns one of the most famous and wrong false myths ever, namely that of black cats. According to them, they should bring misfortune and discomfort, but to us it seems quite the opposite!

A Special Love

gorgeous scene

Yes, because the feline (probably due to a difficult past) was distrustful of his mother. However, things have changed.

“I Will Never Have A Cat” – cit

feline is dozing

It’s the classic story. He starts by doing the so-called “accounts without the innkeeper” and then realizes how nice it is to have a cat!

Meaningful Images

cat Elizabethan collar

This feline is wearing an Elizabethan collar, so he’s certainly not in full health. The love of its owners, however, helps to make it feel much better.

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A Great Love”

big furry cat

In every sense, especially regarding the size of the feline!


kitty gets cuddles

We don’t think too many are needed here explanations!

Well, here we are again today at the conclusion. Which of these fantastic four-legged friends who could never be separated from their owners has won your heart? Let us know, we are very curious to find out even if we may already know the answer: “everyone!”.


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