6 photos of cats that can’t get enough of their boxes

For these felines there is nothing more important than their beloved cardboard boxes and the following photos can only confirm it

We all know how much these items are loved by ours four-legged friends favorites. There are some, to be precise the 6 protagonists felines of today, who are madly in love with their cardboard boxes.

Expressing this concept in words, however, does not give the slightest idea of ​​what we mean. For this reason, we have decided to rely on something that can speak “without speaking”: a splendid one gallery of photos all to be enjoyed.

Without dwelling further so as not to spoil the surprise, let’s start the dance right away, wishing you a good vision!

The Perfect Fit

Why can’t this kitty do without his box? Well, look at the size of the latter compared to his: it fits perfectly, without making any space!

“Do You Like This Box? Well, I’M Sorry But It’S Mine”

cat banana house

We swear this is the first time we’ve ever seen felines jealous of their boxes. On the other hand, when you are jealous it is because you are madly in love with a certain thing!

“It’S Not What It Seems, I Can Explain”

feline hugs pillow

It’s a funny coincidence, actually the cat entered the box because he saw the giant muzzle of a feline inside!

Not Only Cats Like Boxes

tiger in box

They aren’t the only felines who love boxes. There are also tigers!

When You Order A Cat Online But You Have To Assemble It Yourself

cat stretches paw

The important thing, as we always say in these cases, is to have the instructions!

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The King Of Boxes

funny feline relaxation

Well, this is certainly the most original and “strange” box of the whole roundup. For us it has won!

Here we are again today at the conclusion. Which of these wonderful four-legged friends has won your heart the most? Let us know!

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