6 photos of cats that are only apparently little angels

Do you think our feline friends are tender and immaculate little angels? Here are some unmissable photos that will make you think again

The tenderness of ours four-legged friends it’s always been something we care about and we can’t do without. You must know, however, that cats are gods little angels only in appearance. The reason, well you will find out here directly in the following lines.

In fact, one awaits you gallery of photos which to define with the term “unmissable” is too little and which must therefore be enjoyed from start to finish.

We cannot, however, begin without first wishing you our unfailing good vision!

When Your Folks Aren’T Watching And You Put Your Evil Plans Into Practice (Spite)

This face is Oscar-winning, without a doubt.

A “Lightning” Look

feline bright eyes

We swear we confused the light reflected from this feline’s eyes with the lights from a car’s headlights. “Blinding”, therefore, in our opinion is the most appropriate term to describe this look!

Spiteful tongue

tongue feline

Yes, it seems that this cat wants to somehow stick his tongue out (naturally aimed at the spectators).

Deep Reflections

pensive kitty

In our opinion he will be thinking about lunch or something else of vital importance such as the naps he will have to take. His expression, however, is something really funny.

Contortion Champion

kitty in the doghouse

We have seen so many cats lying in the most absurd poses, but this one undoubtedly deserves praise. It almost looks articulated!

“So You Want Me To Take A Bath? It’S Fine, But Know That You Will Regret It”

bath cat

Yep, hers expression not so enthusiastic seems to mean exactly these words in the title. Whoever took this photo will have to expect the worst mischief from his feline friend.

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Here we are at conclusion Also today. Which of these “little angels” has won your heart the most? Let us know, we are very curious!


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