Finally home! 8 photos of cats that are adopted for the first time

A unique joy reserved for those who have lived a difficult life, made up of obstacles and illusions, an emotion to erase a dark past

Feeling an emotion like adoption for the first time can be really special. These are things that are difficult to understand until you experience them firsthand or at least directly. That’s why we rely on the expressive charge of the photos, otherwise it would be difficult for us to explain them emotions!

So here we offer you 8 photographs that portray a precise moment in the life of our feline friends: the adoption. Not all cats experience the event just mentioned, for various reasons that we will not go into but which seem logical to us. On the contrary, those cats who experience such a moment for the first time will never forget it.

It’s something that stays with you imprinted, inside and that no cat will ever end up forgetting. A “brand” that positively marks the life of every feline, or at least of those who have lived through a turbulent, stormy past. Let’s not go further with the descriptions and let’s move on to the facts!

A Clear Transformation!

Finally a home, finally happiness

A Cat Raised At Home After A Difficult Past

cat first to the vet

Can there be greater joy?

Here The Difference Between Past And Present Is Remarkable

sick street cat sickness

A second chance that the cat has been able to exploit

The Joy Of Those Who Know They Have Found A Home

cat before being adopted

The hope of those who have never thrown in the towel

He Met His New Family As A Child

small long haired cat

It was love at first sight…

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From The Bars Of The Cage, To The Amusements Of The New Home

cat cage shelter first

This transformation fills our hearts

The Satisfaction Of Having Found A Home

cat cuddling after being adopted

Something that can hardly be explained

A Hug That Decrees A New Beginning

cat hug mom new family

A symbolic gesture of love and serenity

Theirs gaze, that’s the secret to understanding most of their feelings! If we have learned anything from the experience, then we can tell you that the eyes of these 8 cats suggest only one word of all: love! Love for the family, for those who have given them a second chance and finally for those who, with a strong kind soul, have given hope.

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