5 photos of cats grappling with their new look

How did the grooming go for these cute felines? To find out, look at the unmissable photos below

Changing your look from time to time is good for a variety of reasons. Primarily because it renews the image and then because the change in itself is synonymous with positivity and evolution. But it will be the same for i protagonists felines of today?

Well, we see it very hard but we don’t want to add anything else about it. Why? Simple, because here in the following lines there is one gallery of photos unmissable that we can’t wait to show you and that will fully express the concept.

Let’s not waste any more time, let’s get started right away dances!

“I Want To Speak To The Owner!”

This photo hides a truly bizarre story. The owner of this feline, in fact, has been a veterinarian for many years and is now retired. He tried his hand at the role of groomer, but the result was certainly not the best.

“You’Re Joking, Right?”

funny kitty

Exactly, in this case it is a joke that the owners of this feline wanted to play on him. His face, however, immediately makes us understand that he is a feline who doesn’t get along very well with jokes of this type!

Planning Revenge

seated feline

His defiant gaze seems to clearly say: “Did you have fun playing with my precious and beloved fur? Well now you will pay the consequences”. Who knows what mischief she will have in mind?

How Much Hair Can A Cat Have?

cute kitty

Well, this hilarious photo is proof of that. Compared to the actual body size, the head and tail where there is still hair look twice as big!

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Give This Cut A Name

white feline

It is so particular in its uniqueness that it absolutely needs a first name. What could it be in your opinion?

Here we are again today at the conclusion. Let us know which of these feline looks has won your heart the most, we are curious!


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