8 photos of cats caught in unusual situations

These 8 big cats were caught, as the famous saying goes, “in the right place at the right time”. Don’t let them escape

Nothing can entertain us better than our four-legged friends, right? Their sympathy, curiosity and sweetness have always made them unique and special. Here, these are precisely the right adjectives to introduce the protagonists felines today, caught yourself in rather funny situations.

To document everything, of course, will be a roundup of photo all to laugh, starting from the first to finish with the last, all selected by us.

What to say, then, we believe we have said enough to create the right suspense. Now we have one last thing left to do, wish you our by now usual good luck vision!

How To Eat Alternatively

Let’s be honest, this is the first time we’ve ever seen a feline eat like this!

The First Specimen Of “Vampire Cat”

hanging bat cat

We’re not sure what this big cat was doing, but it does look like a bat.

“Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to sit up here”

feline water pool

The typical reaction of any feline (or rather, most) in all those situations where there is water.

“Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to jump into the box as soon as it arrived at the house”

cat polystyrene filled

It will take a lot of patience to remove all that styrofoam!

When You Order The Cat Online But They Deliver It To You In An Envelope

kitty envelope handle

Who knows if it’s already ready to use or do you need to consult the instructions first?

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“Um, I Wasn’T Stealing The Cookies. I Just Wanted To Make Sure They Were In Place!”

feline head down

Hard to believe him, that adorable little face doesn’t tell it right.

So, what do you think of this roundup of photos? Let us know which of these beautiful felines won you over the most Heart!

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