6 photos of cats capable of making absurd faces

The specialty of these feline four-legged friends? Making faces that are hilarious to say the least, which you will see here in the following lines

Each of ours four-legged friends it has its own peculiarities that distinguish it from all the others. There are those who, for example, manage to solve riddles and puzzles, those who know how to mess things up with skill and then there are them, today’s feline protagonists. Their strong point is the grimaces.

Explaining them to you in words, however, is almost impossible but don’t worry. We have some must-haves here photos which we can’t wait to show you.

So, without wasting any more time and risking ruining the surprise, let’s get started immediately, wishing you, as always, a good vision!

Relaxation In A Photo

We wanted to start in a “soft” way, indeed super relaxing considering the context that this photo presents, to say the least, wonderful.

When You’Re About To Sneeze But At The Most Beautiful It “Cancels”

kitty sneeze ready

We were unable to describe the scene in words, but we believe that the photo manages to make the idea quite clear and funny.

When You Smell Your Favorite Food

cat licks whiskers

And the taste buds immediately begin to drip, as in the case of this feline!

“Oh Yes, This Is Definitely Pizza!”

hilarious feline face

Needless to hide it, we’ve all made this expression at least once, even just watching a pizza box arrive for us.

“Your Version Is Not Convincing Enough”

feline serious expression

Yes, this very nice expression suggests just such a scene.

When You See Mom And Dad Saying Hello To The Neighbor’S Cat

funny eyes kitty

You know, our feline friends as well as being playful and sweet are also super jealous especially if there are other “suitors” ready to snatch us from their paws!

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Well, even today we have come to the conclusion. Which of these adorable purebred four-legged friends Manul won your heart the most with grimaces? Let us know!


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