6 photos of cats capable of brightening your day

No one can brighten the day better than these cuddly four-legged friends. Proof? These unmissable photographs

No one knows brighten our days better than them, the four-legged friends which we’ve been most fond of practically forever. How do they do it? Well, we could call it their trade secret that is impossible to reveal.

On the other hand, however, we have one gallery of photos nothing short of unmissable who are able to speak and make this concept even better than words.

We just have to officially give you the good vision and kick off the dancing and the actual show!

When You Realize It’S Monday And You Have To Go To Work

Especially after spending a nice weekend in absolute relaxation, starting the day through the much-hated Monday must be really hard. This photo is proof of that!

“It’S Useless Friend, You’Re In The Minority, Give Us All The Treats And No One Will Get Hurt!”

cats at the door

At first glance this photo reminded us of one of those scenes in western movies, where enemies met for a showdown at high noon.

And The Award For The Best Feline Look Of The Year Goes To…

cat glasses

This gorgeous feline of course. We don’t know her name, but one thing is certain: her look is nothing short of unique and inimitable.

More Faces From Monday

pouting kitty

If the photo we showed you at the beginning weren’t enough to make the concept of “Monday morning”, here’s another even more hilarious and funny: it’s the well-known web star, the grumpy cat!

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The “Flying” Cat

feline jumps black

This still image should be put in a museum!

“Call Me President From Today!”

feline president

Imagine that you really have a president feline? He would be to say the least Fantastic.

Here we are again today at the conclusion. Let us know which of these felines won you over the most Heart and managed to brighten your day!


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