6 photos of cats against all logic of physics

There are few indeed very few things capable of breaking the laws of physics. One of these are the feline protagonists of today

The laws of physics better or worse we all know them. They are unbreakable and well defined. Too bad, however, that today’s four-legged feline protagonists represent an exception to the unique rule.

In words, however, this concept is impossible to explain and to imagine. We will, therefore, let one of the wonderful ones do the talking roundup of photos that we and you like so much.

Before starting with the dances, however, we certainly cannot skip the inevitable appointment of the good vision!

How Does It Hang Like That?

Logic, or rather, physics dictates that the body weight of the feline which is half off the surface causes it to fall. Yet, here you go!

The Ghost Cat

ghost kitty disappear

This photo has slightly disturbed us, let’s be honest. But there is an explanation (or at least we believe): on the other side of the glass there is another box or (hypothesis not to be excluded) it is photo editing.

The Imaginary Stairway

feline climbs stairs

We don’t know exactly what this kitty is climbing on, but we like it just the same.

The Spider Cat

cat on the wall

And after the ghost cat, straight from the best Marvel movies, here’s the spider cat (seriously how did he end up there?).

A Face That Says It All

window cat jumps

Look at the expression of the owner of this feline. He must have been really amazed by his four-legged friend’s ability to break the laws of physics (and logic, because we really can’t figure out what he’s up to at that window).

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“Drinking Standing Up? Nah, Better Upside Down!”

kitty water tap

One way definitely funny but original to drink from the tap!

So, which of these hilarious snaps made you laugh the most or maybe conquered the Heart? Let us know, even if the answer we probably already know it: everyone!

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