6 photomontages starring a wet cat not to be missed

Sometimes a photo montage can create real pearls, just like it happened in this case. Look at the following lines and you will understand

To everyone, including those who have never had a four-legged friend it will have happened at least once to see a cat wet. The subject that we will present to you today is just that, but with the difference that there is nothing short of exceptional photo retouching work involved.

What came of it? Well we certainly can’t explain it in words, it would be too limiting and not exhaustive. For this reason we have decided to let the following speak directly photographs not to be missed!

Before starting, of course, we certainly could not skip the inevitable good vision!

Here Is Our Subject

This is the feline in its “nature” version, i.e. without any photomontage. We certainly couldn’t proceed without first introducing you to it (too bad we don’t know its name).

When Your Friends Make A Joke On You But You’Re A “Just” Touchy Type

cat dogs car

Obviously the two furry ones are also photoshopped, but it must be said that in the context we managed to create a combination and a context that was hilarious to say the least!

Straight From The Star Wars Movie

lightsaber cat lightsaber

It must be said that in the role of master Yoda this cute feline is not so bad!

Gattalf The Grey!

kitty beard gandalf

Who is an avid fan of Tolkien’s masterpiece, that is the Lord of the Rings knows who the character used for this montage is.

When You Finally Meet Your Idol But He’S In The Water

john cena cat

In these cases, well, even the fear of water passes immediately!

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Et The Extraterrestrial!

cat and bike

It’s not really extraterrestrial, but still inserted in the context of one of the most loved movies of all time it’s really fun!

View? Even a wet cat with his sympathy he can win everyone’s hearts and this feline, well, he totally succeeded. Let us know which photo you enjoyed the most!


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