Petting the pregnant cat, can it be done or not?

The presence of a pregnant cat is often seen as a danger, but is it true that a pregnant woman shouldn’t pet her cat?

One of the most common statements when it comes to pregnancy is that an expectant mother should never, ever pet her cat. But is it really so?

Many doctors believe that it is an action to be avoided during the fateful nine months, as our beloved furry friends are considered carriers of even serious diseases and infections, mainly the dreaded toxoplasmosis.

But is it really right to act in an extreme way, putting your cat out? Let’s clarify and find out together if we can pet the pregnant cat or not.

Can You Be In Contact With Cats When You Are Pregnant?

They still circulate many prejudices about cats and pregnancy and, as is often the case, are completely unfounded. It is natural (and absolutely legitimate) to fear contracting infections or diseases that could harm your health health of the mother and her baby but at the same time it is good to acquire the correct information on the matter.

There are those who think that petting a pregnant cat is a dangerous act that should be avoided, to the point that many even recommend getting rid of the four-legged friend by moving him away from your home. But is it really necessary to go to such an extreme and cruel gesture? The answer is noyou can pet a pregnant cat and you don’t have to give it away to feel good.

How Easy Is It To Catch Toxoplasmosis In Pregnancy

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The fact that you can pet your cat without problems during pregnancy does not mean that a disease such as toxoplasmosis should be considered too superficially. First of all, it is good that the domestic cat is subjected to regular checkups with visits to the vet and specific tests that avoid the danger of dangerous diseases both for his health and possibly for that of the pregnant woman.

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It must be said, however, that it is not exactly easy to contract toxoplasmosis from a cat. This disease is caused by a particular microorganism (Toxoplasma gondii) which can live and develop in the organism of all warm-blooded animals. It is a zoonosis, therefore a pathology that it can be transmitted from animal to human and for this reason we must absolutely pay attention to it, especially when it comes to pregnant women.

Toxoplasmosis can irreparably damage the health of the fetus and compromise its natural development, but the percentage of contracting it from your cat is very low.

How Not To Get Toxoplasmosis From A Cat

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This very scary and insidious disease, which can not be joked about at all, can be contracted from cats but not directly. In essence, it is not enough to stroke the hair of an infected cat to get sick, rather you must not enter a contact with his feces. With the right hygiene measures, we can safely pet the cat even if we are pregnant, leaving the task of cleaning the litter box to someone else.

The protozoan that causes toxoplasmosis lurks not only in the needs of animals, but also in the raw or undercooked meats and in untreated vegetables, as well as contaminated potting soil. Just avoid direct contact with all these things and your pregnancy will proceed smoothly.

How Do You Know If Your Cat Has Toxoplasmosis

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In humans, toxoplasmosis often does not give any symptoms, at least in the initial phase of the infection. Unfortunately the same thing can happen in cats which, in fact, apparently continue to appear in perfect health. But then how do we know if the cat is infected?

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First of all, consider that the probability that the cat will ingest the parasite that causes the disease increases with exposure to uncontrolled animals. Just to give an example, if the cat can go out into the garden and wander around the house and ingests a small bird or other small prey in the wild, there is the possibility that together with its meat it will also ingest the Toxoplasma gondii. For this reason it is best to avoid contact with stray cats.

If you suspect that the cat may have contracted the disease, entrust yourself to the care of a good veterinarian. There is a specific test to check whether or not you are a carrier of the disease, by means of a stool test and a blood sample.

Petting The Pregnant Cat, Many People Have Also Asked Us:

woman hugging her cat

What Do Cats Do When You’Re Pregnant?

There is nothing more beautiful than observing the behavior of the cat when he is at home with a pregnant woman. Cats are animals extremely sensitive to our changes especially if they have to do with hormone levels: they perceive our stress in a flash, for example, and pregnancy is also on the radar of their “super senses”.

Micio knows that inside the future mother’s belly there is a little human who slowly grows and prepares for his debut in the world. It’s not uncommon to see it curl up right on the belly of the woman, indulging in long purring sessions while enjoying every single movement of the fetus. Cats are much more affectionate and understanding than is mistakenly believed.

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How Do Cats React To The Arrival Of A Baby?

When the baby (or baby) is born, that’s where the real coexistence between cats and newborns begins. Also in this case, many are afraid that the cat will react badly to the arrival of the baby, perhaps attacking and treating it almost as if it were an “enemy”. Generally the cat reacts well to the presence of the newborn, because he perceives it as a puppy to look after and protect. It is not uncommon that, for example, he tends to keep adults away precisely because of his depth protective instinct.

It may happen that he appears annoyed or nervous when the baby arrives, as if he does not tolerate his presence, and even that he shows A little bit jealous. It’s up to us adults to manage coexistence in the best way, making the necessary introductions gradually and sweetly, so that the cat understands that the child is not an intruder but a new member of the family equal to him. Enough reassure him and don’t deprive him of attention which he has always enjoyed, teaching him at the same time to perceive the presence of the newborn with absolute serenity.

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