Oriental shorthair cat breed

The eastern shorthair cat breed became popular in the early 1960s, when a few breeders began to cross Siamese with indigenous cats, such as the British, European and American shorthair, producing a whole range of colors and drawing s.

However, since then they have only been crossed with Siamese twins . The careful breeding of the oriental shorthair cat guarantees strength, energy, good character and beauty. Of all the breeds and groups of cats, it is one of the most diverse.


As a whole, Oriental cats are identical to Siamese cats, except that they have the same color and pattern all over the coat rather than the colored ends of the Siamese on the face, ears, tail, and feet. Unlike Siamese twins, most do not have blue eyes. Its appearance is almost canine, they move like greyhounds and their tail is like a whip .


The oriental has short, fine, shiny hair close to the body. It can be said, and that cats are all very neat, that they are one of the cleanest breeds by nature and need little care. It’s best to shine it with a soft glove or silk scarf.

Characteristics and temperament

This cat is outgoing, intelligent, curious and very affectionate . He is active and playful and hates being left alone for too long. It is as talkative as the Siamese, but with a slightly softer and even honeyed voice. Many believe that their response to humans resembles that of dogs. He often runs to greet his owner when he returns home and asks him to play with him.

The oriental cat is demanding and likes to be paid a lot of attention. But it can be endearing, because it is extremely affectionate and will run to greet its owner especially when he is away for a while and will do so like a dog.

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