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We all know that, if we eat well, that is, if we eat quality food according to our needs, the health we will have will be good or, at least, good enough so that the day when, for example, a virus wants to infect us the immune system can fight it without problems. Well, the same thing happens with cats, and that’s why I’m going to tell you about Nutro .

Nutro is one of the animal feed brands that have also wanted to join the bandwagon of those who have something as logical in mind as that cats are carnivores, being hunters by nature. But what exactly are the characteristics of your products, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

What is Nutro? Company history

The history of the company began in 1926 , when John Saleen bought a dog food company from a British businessman. He named it Nutro Products, and later moved to Industry (California), where he turned it into a family business that sold only locally.

In 1976 they bought it, and from there it expanded the market. With the help of Dr. Sharon Machlik, in 1985 he developed and introduced the Max line, made up of feed formulated with chicken, lamb and rice. They did not use traditional advertising, but opted to detail the composition of their meals and to compare them with the ingredients of other brands.

Years later, in 2007, the company was acquired by Mars, Incorporated, and the headquarters was moved to Tennessee. Today, its products are sold in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

What are the products you sell?

Nutro specializes in the production of feed for both dogs and cats. They have two lines of food for felines, which are the Max Cat and the Natural Choice, and three for dogs, the Nutro Max, Natural Choice and Ultra. As this is a feline blog, we are going to show you the most popular flavors they sell for them:


  • Being very rich in animal protein, it means that animals need to eat less to satisfy themselves.
  • Hair regains its natural shine.
  • The teeth and, really, your whole body, stay healthy, especially if we give them cereal-free flavors.
  • Cats tend to improve their mood (it is not always seen or when it is detected, but it can happen).


  • The price is high”. Without a doubt, much more than that of the supermarket feed.
  • The quality may not be as good as they say.

Criticism of Nutro

And now is when we talk about the “dark side” of the company. That does not have to be this way, but this article would not be complete if we only counted the good that this brand of feed offers. The reality is that in April 2008 the web portal reported many cases of diarrhea, vomiting and other problems in animals that were fed Nutro feed . In September of that same year, the Pet Food Product Safety Alliance carried out various tests and discovered that the copper level exceeded the recommendation of the American Association for Food Control (AAFCO) ( here is a news item that was published as a result of these reports).

The company rejected the accusations, but if we think about it, that’s a logical reaction from any company. However, in May 2009 it recalled dry cat food that, after having carried out some tests, found that they had excessive levels of zinc (2,100 ppm, while it is advisable to be 150 ppm) and low potassium.

A month later, Dr. Stephen Hansen, a veterinary toxicologist and senior vice president for Animal Health at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), said zinc levels were “terribly high,” and that Although the long-term effects are not known, it is known that they can cause liver and kidney disorders ( here you have the study).

Is it a good idea to give them Nutro? Are there alternatives?


Having seen what you’ve seen, you are probably wondering if it is really safe to give these feed to cats, right? Well, I am nobody to say “this brand is good or this brand is bad”, because I am not a nutritionist. But of course, when you inform yourself and read things like the ones I just told you, it is normal that you look for alternatives.

If that is your case, I definitely recommend any of these brands that you will see below . They are the ones that, from my own experience (well, that of the cats with whom I have been sharing and am still making my life) are really of good quality.

  • Applaws
  • Taste of the Wild
  • True Instinct (especially the High Meat variety)
  • Orijen
  • Acana
  • Or similar



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