The first 5 nonsense of the kitten that he will not fail to do!

The First 5 Nonsense Of The Kitten That He Will Not Fail To Do!

Kittens are extremely playful animals. By ignorance of social codes with his congeners, or prohibitions with his human family, he will inevitably be led to do stupid things.

Endearing, funny and mischievous, your kitten makes you laugh out loud with his pirouettes. But when his nonsense puts him in danger or affects the other inhabitants of the home, it is necessary to take care of his education so that he understands the limits as soon as possible. Here are the top 5 kitten pranks, and how to prevent them from happening again!

Stupidity N°1: The Kitten Damages The Plants

If there is one stupidity that all kitten owners know, it is this one: The kitten can scratch the soil of your plants and do its business there, it can chew the leaves of your favorite plant, sleep in the plant pot heated in the sun, or even play with the clay balls present in the pot. Presenting him with his litter, diverting his attention if he scratches with a cat scratcher, or with a toy is generally sufficient.

But the real danger is that it can bite your houseplants. Indeed, many plants are toxic to our friends the cats. Among the latter, we often cite the ficus, the yucca or the aloe among those most present in our apartments and houses. Avoid leaving them within reach of your feline as much as possible, and buy catnip from the store to divert its attention.

Stupidity N°2: The Kitten Nibbles Or Scratches Your Skin

Even if his behavior is not mean, your cat may chew your hands or fingers when he plays, or even grab your arm or foot by clasping it with his claws. Think that a kitten that is allowed to pass this behavior will reproduce it in adulthood. However, scratching and biting a human should not be an option for him, which is why it is necessary to educate him.

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The best solution, during these moments of play or these peaks of madness so endearing, is to raise your voice, without shouting, and adopt a firm tone. A simple categorical no, accompanied by your finger on his nose will be enough to make him understand the prohibition, by dint of repetition.

Stupidity N°3: The Kitten Is Scratching Your Furniture

It’s a great classic, kittens and cats in general need to scratch. And if they do it, it is above all to mark their territory by depositing their pheromones on your walls, furniture, cushions, sofas, chair backs, etc. It could also be because his claws are too long and he feels the need to file them.

The best solution to stop this behavior is to give him something to scratch, in a place that is entirely authorized for him. Toys made of sisal, seagrass or rope can fill this office. But a cat scratching post or a cat tree with built-in scratching post will keep him happy for several months or even a year. A thick doormat, made of coconut fiber for example, is also a good alternative at an affordable price.

Stupidity N°4: The Kitten Climbs On The Balustrades And Windowsills

The kitten is a very agile and extremely dexterous animal. However, he is not infallible and can make a wrong move, fall asleep, have a poor understanding of space. In short, so many possibilities for him to fall, which is particularly dangerous if you live in a building with an apartment located on the upper floors.

Indeed, the kitten could die following its fall, or panic when it finds itself outside, being crushed, etc. Be sure to close your doors and windows properly and install protection on your balconies and window sills to protect your cat and reduce the possibility of an accident as much as possible.

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Stupidity N°5: The Kitten Relieves Itself Outside The Litter Box

Here is a very unpleasant situation that many cat owners have faced. Fortunately, this is never an unsolvable problem, especially since a kitten learns quickly and faster than an adult cat. He can do outside his litter because he was separated from his mother too early, or simply because she did not teach him to be clean, favoring his brothers and sisters for example.

It is advisable in all circumstances not to show brutality and to remain calm to prevent your kitten from developing behavioral problems. To start, clean the soiled area and add sparkling water, which is naturally repellent and safe. Of course, check the cleanliness of its litter box. And if your kitten always does its business in the same place, put its litter box there!

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