New cat breeds in development

There are two new breeds of cats that have developed: the domestic lynx and the Poodle cat . And, as far as cat breeds are concerned, nothing is finished or finally written, since there is always constant research to develop new breeds starting from the existing ones but introducing new genes and crosses to give way to new species of felines. The domestic lynx

This new type of cat breed is the result of crossing a bobcat with a domestic cat , but bred to resemble its wild cousins ​​as closely as possible, with ear tufts, ruff, coat pattern and size similar to those of the bobcat. The eyes are slightly slanted and almond-shaped, and often have polydactyly, with finger tufts.

In contrast to its wild appearance, the domestic lynx has the docile character of a breedless cat, and is selectively bred to maintain and enhance this sweet disposition. They can have a short or long coat, and have a very large and muscular body, with powerful hindquarters. This breed is very intelligent, and although they can be shy around strangers, they are affectionate towards their owners.

Poodle cat

The new developing breed of the poodle cat is a feline that combines the curly hair of the Devon rex and the folded ears of the Scottish Fold . The poodle cat is medium-sized, muscular, and amazingly heavy. Their eyes are large and round, and although it is preferred that they be copper in color, all variations are allowed as long as they match the color of the coat.

The head is well proportioned, slightly heart-shaped. The ears are folded and spread apart, and tend to be larger than those of the Scottish Fold. The legs are of medium length. His coat has dense and silky curls, in a whole range of colors and patterns. The poodle cat is a relatively new breed , created in Germany in the 1980s or 1990s. Like the Scottish Fold, it should only be crossed with straight-eared cats to avoid the risk of excruciating bone problems in their offspring.

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