New cat at home

Congratulations!! A new member of the family has come home, let the fun begin!


You have a new cat at home and of course you want your new friend to grow up lovingly and happily in his new home, but how can you ensure that? Keep reading and you will learn how to accustom a cat to a new home .Bonding with your new kitten

Your new kitty is going through a lot now. His whole world has changed and you have become his new mom. Now it is your job to teach him to behave properly and to help him grow. You have to foster a strong bond with the kitten that will help him feel safe, comfortable and protected .

How to introduce a new cat at home

Any little one is a shy kitten, that is normal at first, but if yours is extremely shy and scared before the change of scenery, you will have to introduce yourself very slowly , that will help the cat to adapt. In these cases, it is better to keep the kitten in a small and quiet room, which is easier for him to get to know and get used to. Interact with your pet as much as possible, speak to him in a low, calm voice, and try to be as gentle as possible when petting or holding him. You can use a ball of yarn to start playing with him, it will help him gain confidence and they love it!

A good way to bond is to pick up the kitten and place it on your lap while it sleeps . Most kittens sleep soundly and enjoy physical contact. Let him sleep and when he starts to wake up, gently stroke him so that he has a good awakening.

Playing with your kitten is the best way to strengthen your bond. However, make sure not to encourage the little one to play or attack your hands or feet, and if you do, learn to set limits. These types of games can stimulate dominant and aggressive behavior once your kitten has become a cat.


What is the best age to adopt a kitten?

If you have ever adopted a cat or are thinking about it, you have surely wondered.

The average age of adopted cats is eight weeks. That age has its pros and cons. If the breeder knows what he is doing and the kittens are properly socialized, fine. But if that socialization doesn’t start quickly, they can shut down as they grow up and become surly. After 3 months they can still be socialized but it is more difficult and you have to take more care of them. It is important when adopting to ask a little about the kitten’s behavior and if it has been brought up to be sociable in the first weeks of life.

It is best if the kitten is with its mother for the first weeks of life if possible and begins to interact with people, and adopt it between eight and twelve weeks, but if this is not possible do not hurry, if you treat the kitten correctly And with love, no matter his age, over time you will be able to create a strong bond with him.


Two kittens better than one

If I adopt two kittens, won’t they get past me?

I recommend adopting two kittens instead of one if you can . Little kittens have a lot of energy and a great desire to discover things, if they have a playmate they will prefer to direct that energy to bite , scratch and fight against each other (always playing obviously) instead of doing it with your walls. If you don’t give them something to do, they will find something to do.

It is true that if you adopt two kittens they may be more focused on each other than on you, even so if you give them love, you will receive love.

You can separate them for periods of time, a while a day so that they get used to it, especially to feed them and for play sessions with you, so they will realize that they also have you.


How to make your new cat love you

When people adopt a kitten, most are looking for a mate. Cats often have a reputation for being caring creatures who don’t care much about their relationship with humans.

The good news is that although some cats can be like this, as a general rule they are quite social and can be a member of the family.

The bonding process will occur naturally over time, but here are some tips to help you bond faster and more deeply.

Make him feel safe

Although it seems contrary to reason, to befriend your new kitten, you should provide an area where he can be alone. Provide him with a box with bedding so that he is comfortable, food , water and a toy . This will help you feel safe. Leave your cat there for the first few days to get used to the site and visit it frequently so that it gets used to you too. Make sure your other pets can’t get to him.

Give it some space

After the first day or when he begins to feel comfortable, you can let him roam freely in your house but always allow him to have access to his den. When you go to interact with him, try to make the first step.

· Play with him

As soon as you see that the kitten is comfortable with you, it is time to start playing. Games are one of the best ways to bond with him. Find out what toys he likes and play with him a few times a day. Your kitty will begin to associate you with fun.

Caress him

One of the most social behaviors among cats is grooming or grooming, when you pet your kitten you are doing something similar (with your hand instead of your tongue). Touching will make him feel more comfortable . While you caress him, speak to him in a soft voice so that he knows that you don’t want to hurt him. Your ultimate goal is for the cat to start purring. Don’t feel bad if it doesn’t; some cats have a harder time.

· Bedtime

You have to decide, from the beginning, if you are going to let him sleep in your bed or not. Although it can be a nuisance when they take over the whole bed or make it a little dirty, you should know that letting him sleep with you is one of the best ways to bond with your new pet. Don’t force him to snuggle with you, but don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night with your new furry friend glued to your face.


Food and sweets

Another great way to bond is through eating. Choose a time of day to feed him and stick to it; your kitten will quickly learn the schedule. While eating, try to talk to him and pet him.

How to socialize the kitten

Do not put your cat suddenly in everything that your daily life entails, the adaptation of cats and more if they are small has to be gradual . It is good at first to have a small room or a corner of some for him, a quiet place without too much noise so that he can get used to his new home. Put her food there, a scratching post, her bed and let her discover more little by little.

Then he begins to progressively introduce him to all the things that will be part of his life, the house, the garden, other people, other pets. Learn to understand your cat. If you present something to him and he acts fearful and walking away with tense muscle tone and hyper-alert, back off and try more slowly.

In order for their trust in you to grow quickly, it is important for cat breeders to know that all their interactions with other elements that you present must be gentle and positive.

How to introduce a cat to a dog

The coexistence between dogs and cats is not how they paint it in the movies, we are badly accustomed, following a proper procedure is easy and even good to keep dogs and cats together at home .

With your kitty in her wonderful new home, the first thing you should know about getting a cat and dog together is the age at which it is best to do it. When your kitten is between three and seven weeks old is the best time. But if it’s later than that, (which is normal for it to be) it can still be done.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is letting the dog meet the new tenant at the front door . That is horrible for the cat and for the dog. The front door is the main place where the dog defends his property. Instead, wait until you are both relaxed, the kitten has been home for a few days better, then, with the dog on the leash, rub the kitten’s body on the dog. The idea here is odor transfer. While you do this, give the dog treats, you want him to think that good things happen when the kitten is around.

Never let the dog chase the cat, (or vice versa 😆). That is another big mistake that people make. If the dog is chasing the cat, interrupt him each time. That is very stressful for the cat and quickly sets up a very strong negative pattern with the dog.

If things don’t flow, they have controlled coexistence with each other more and more frequently.

If you follow these tips you will soon have your cats and dogs playing in the garden instead of having cats and dogs fighting between the furniture.


How to introduce two cats

Oddly enough, knowing how to get two cats to get along can be a bit more complicated . Introducing the puppy to your cat or cats should be done with great care.

An interesting trick is to use food; make sure the cats are hungry and use some treats to make the experience more taxing for them. Feed them on both sides of a door, they will not be able to attack but they will know that they are close. Once again, we want the animal to see that good things happen when the kitten is by its side.

If there are grunts or snorts, move the food containers back until they stop and then move them closer and closer. Do it like this until you see that they are totally relaxed and proceed with the introductions, the next time you call them to eat do it with the door open and give them time, if the thing does not work try to separate them with something closer than a door to continue adapting them (a barrier, a glass door, a net …)

When you get them to eat together, continue giving them rich and varied food to strengthen their friendship for a few days.

Coexistence between cats is more complicated at first than between dogs and cats and you may need more time to achieve it, but once achieved they will be inseparable friends.


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