Neurological problems in cats

Many of us can find it funny to find our cat spinning or walking in circles, however, although at first you have a little fun it is important that you consider that this behavior may be due to a neurological problem , called vestibular syndrome.

This vestibular syndrome includes tilting the head, making horizontal or vertical movements of the eyes, walking in circles, and even loss of balance. Although it may simply be a temporary disorder, if we observe it and treat it in time, bringing our cat back to normal, if we do not pay attention to it, it can lead to a series of much more dangerous and complex neurological problems.

It is important that you pay attention when your animal wants to execute some type of movement, since it will be the right moment when the aforementioned symptoms will appear. Similarly, if otitis, toxoplasmosis, some microscopic parasites, feline leukemia, infectious peritonitis, among other infections, this type of behavior such as walking in circles could occur.

Keep in mind that vestibular syndrome can be central or peripheral depending on where the injury is and the disease that caused it. Do not forget that when faced with any type of strange behavior, or with the slightest doubt that your cat is acting differently, it is best to consult a specialist to observe it, diagnose it and treat it properly. So that you stay a little more calm and do not be alarmed, if this vestibular syndrome has been caused by otitis, the prognosis will always be positive and it will be easier to treat.



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