Myths, legends and famous cats to discover!

Myths, Legends And Famous Cats To Discover!

Since the dawn of time, the cat has been an animal that has been either revered or hated. Lucky charm or on the contrary source of misfortune, the position of the cat is different according to the time and the region of the world in which it is present. Today we offer you to discover some myths and legends about cats, as well as the most famous cats.

Myths And Legends Around The Cat

Ancient Greece: A Cat To Ridicule A Lion

If we go back to ancient times, the cat does not exist. The Greeks saw it born! The god Phoebus Apollo, son of Zeus and Leto, had a twin sister Artemis. The two really didn’t get along. Artemis, who is the goddess of hunting and nature, is associated with the moon. Apollo is the god of arts and light. Artemis is very brave, which greatly displeases her brother. Also, to show his power, he creates the lion, a powerful and dangerous animal. But the big cat does not impress the young woman. To make fun of her brother, she chooses to create a smaller feline: the cat!

Ancient Egypt: When Cats Stop A Fight

In ancient Egypt, the cat was for a long time an animal like any other. However, people quickly noticed that the feline had incredible hunting skills. He attacked rodents that destroyed their crops. Following this observation, the Egyptians began to feed cats in order to domesticate them. They then respected them a lot.

Cats were so loved by the people that when Cambyses II wanted to take Egypt to become pharaoh, the people of the city of Pelusium surrendered. Since fights can hurt or kill cats, they have been stopped! In other versions of this legend, the Egyptians would have stopped the fight when they saw engravings of cats on the shields of the army of Cambyses II.

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Noah’S Ark And The Birth Of The Cat

In Islam, the cat has a very curious place. He appears in two legends that take place during the flood. According to an Islamic account, after the Flood, Noah’s Ark was invaded by rats. Noah did not know how to deal with this situation. He asked advice from the king of beasts, the lion. The latter sneezed and gave birth to a couple of cats. According to another legend, a monkey courted a lioness and from their love a couple of cats was born.

The Cursed Cat During The Middle Ages

While the Egyptians tried to domesticate cats because felines hunted rodents from crops, the feline was banned in the Middle Ages. For what ? Because it was associated with black magic, witches and demons. It was during this period that cats were most persecuted. On the initiative of the Catholic Church, a massacre of cats took place. It will be many years before the feline is again accepted by the population.

The Nine Lives Of The Cat

For a long time, the cat was the embodiment of evil in the eyes of people in Europe and even in the United States. They were associated with witches with whom they shared the powers of black magic. During the witch trials of Vernon in 1566, they would have admitted being able to take the appearance of a black cat during the ceremonies of the Sabbath. But beware ! They could only do it 9 times. It is from this trial that the legend of the 9 lives of a cat was born.

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Meet Famous Cats

The Maneki Neko, The Most Famous Cat In The World

The Maneki Neko is undoubtedly the most famous cat on the planet. It takes the form of a small figurine which passes the paw. This talisman is present in many Asian shops as well as in restaurants. The Maneki Neko is a lucky charm, it even has a temple named Gotoku-Ji. It is located in Setagaya Ward, southwest of Tokyo. It houses hundreds of statuettes.

Chief Mouser Or Chief Mouser Of 10 Downing Street

Chef Mouser isn’t a cat per se, it’s a position. It would exist since the reign of Henry VIII. However, this position has only been official since 1929. Chief Mouser resides with the British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. The role of this cat is to hunt mice. It is possible that several cats reside at the mythical London address. However, only one cat has the title of Chief Mouser. The others are helpers. This cat does not leave 10 Downing Street. The Minister in office is not authorized to leave with the animal.

Felicette, The First Cat In Space

Felicette is a well-known cat. It must be said that she was sent into space. The event took place in 1963. Felicette was selected among many felines. She made the difference with her very calm character. She survived the spaceflight.

Oldest Pussy Creme Puff

Creme Puff is known for being the oldest cat on record. The animal lived in the state of Texas in the United States. She died in 2005. According to Guinness World Records, Creme Puff was 38 years and 3 days old at the time.

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Stubbs, The Cat Mayor Of Talkeetna, Alaska

Stubbs’ story is very original. This tabby cat was found in Talkeetna, a district of Alaska. This cute kitten was later elected Mayor of Talkeetna District. This event came as residents of this part of Alaska were unhappy with the candidates who were running. Of course, the title was not official but honorary. You should know that the cat was re-elected term after term until his death. He was therefore Honorary Mayor of Talkeetna from 1997 to 2017, i.e. for 20 years! On August 31, 2013, Stubbs was attacked by a dog. He is seriously injured. He was able to be treated thanks to donations from all over the world.

Famous Cats In Movies

In addition to all these well-known cats, some felines have been immortalized thanks to the cinema. Here is a non-exhaustive list of all successful cats.

  • Garfield
  • The Aristocats
  • Felix the cat
  • Tom from Tom and Jerry
  • Sylvester
  • Puss in Boots
  • Hello Kitty

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