Myths about cats

What are the misconceptions and myths about cats? Is a black cat bad luck? Can you deny the well-known “fact” that cats use their whiskers for balance?

This list is just a small sample of the many myths and misconceptions that abound in Western culture. Let’s go there!

Cats have 7 lives

Cats have 7 lives if they eat that brand of cat food for dinner every day, but do they physically have seven lives? Of course not. Cats have a life, so it is important to schedule appointments with your veterinarians for regular checkups to keep that life in tip-top shape. Vaccinations , dental check-ups, nutritional consultations, etc. They are ways to keep your cat alive for a long time.


Feeding cats leftovers is fine

You may think table waste is fine to feed cats, but it can add up too many calories for your feline. Cats require balanced nutrition, minus some ingredients that can be harmful in large quantities, so it is better to study what food is best for your cat . Feeding your 10-pound cat a mere piece of cheese is like feeding almost three empty calorie bars of chocolate.

Pregnant women should avoid cats

This myth is widespread, toxoplasmosis is transmitted through contact with cat waste, not the cats themselves. There will be no problems if the expectant mothers move away from where the litter box is placed. Interaction with the kitten is fine as long as someone else in the family is in charge of litter box duties.  More about kittens and babies.


A wagging tail means a happy cat

Cats wag their tails when they’re happy, but it’s a myth to say that’s just why. They also let their tails know when they are upset or thoughtful. Cats express themselves through body language and sound expressions, learning these signs will help you build a good relationship with your cat .

Mustaches give them balance

One of the most widespread myths on this list. Cats use their whiskers as “sticks” to avoid objects in the dark and to determine their location, also to see if they can fit through the gaps they enter, but they do not need them for balance. The position of a cat’s whiskers can indicate the mood he’s in, so whatever you do, don’t cut or pull them. Whiskers are deeply ingrained in a cat’s fur where nerves abound.


Declawing is the same as cutting nails

The declawing procedure is considered mutilation and is illegal in many countries. Declawing is a surgical amputation of the first joint of each of a cat’s toes. Without the use of its claws, a cat becomes easy prey. It also has negative psychological effects .

All cats hate water

It is true that many cats hate water. But some cats (more than you might think) like it, and especially one breed, Turkish Van, actually likes to swim. Each cat’s appreciation of water and baths also depends on their personality.


Cats don’t need to exercise

Cats require mental and physical activities. Indoor cats especially need to be active with lots of physical play, to keep them at a healthy weight, and mind-challenging games. It is an easy task to achieve if you use the appropriate cat toys .

Cats should drink lots of milk

Another cat feeding myth is that milk is good for cats. Cow’s milk is packed with nutrients that cats’ stomachs simply cannot tolerate, causing problems like diarrhea or obesity. Instead, replace milk with fresh water, which is essential for your health .


Brush the cat’s hair but not its teeth

If your cat’s breath smells like it could knock down a buzzard … That is, if your eyes fill with tears when you smell your cat’s breath, then it is necessary to brush your cat’s teeth on a routine basis . Not only will it freshen your breath, it will also limit the risk of oral disease.

That he eats grass means that he is sick

That your cat is sick if he eats some grass or chews on it is another feline myth. There are really no proven answers as to why cats eat grass, but there are several theories. A little research suggests that the obvious motivation could be that they like the taste. But if grass nibbling becomes a routine activity for your pet, it’s best to visit the vet to be safe.


Garlic frees cats from worms

Is not true! Cats should not eat garlic or onion as it can cause anemia. Get them away from it!

Cats always land on their feet

Cats typically land on their feet and this includes falls from up to 18 stories. Unfortunately, an injury free fall is not that common, but they are not impossible either. There are many factors to consider when a cat falls from a height. The longer the fall, the better, as the jack twists and turns to land properly and slow down. In a fall of about 3 meters, this time to “straighten” is practically non-existent, therefore injuries are more likely. Incidentally, the 18-story fall without injury is the record.


Cats and dogs are enemies

Probably the most famous myth about cats, propagated so many times in film and television, and in countless stories. Cats can maintain a loving relationship with a dog, especially if he is introduced to them as a kitten and a puppy. Many families have cats and dogs living under the same roof without problems. Some even enjoy company and playing with others.


A cat that purrs is a happy cat

Another myth with great force. Cats purr when they are happy, but they can also purr at other more painful times, such as when they are scared, when they are sick or dying. What is true is that the purr always expresses an intense emotion.



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