My cat won’t let me bathe it, what can I do?

Although many people think that cats should never bathe, since they are very clean little animals that take care of their own hygiene on a daily basis, it is important that we take into account that to help them maintain impeccable skin and coat, free of parasites or of skin diseases, sometimes we will have to bathe them.

However, although many of these animals do not put up resistance when putting them in the bathroom and putting them in the water, others can become fearsome creatures that will fight tirelessly not to be bathed . So if your cat is one of these animals that does not allow itself to be bathed, it is important that you keep reading this note to know what to do.

Get used to it little by little and gradually


Cats, in general, do not like water (although of course there are exceptions). The most common is that they stay away from bathtubs full of water, that is why it is very important to get used to them little by little. No hurries. To turn the bath into something normal, the first thing to keep in mind is that you must do it progressively , you cannot bathe them as you would with a child or a baby, since cats are not human beings.

You should also take into account the temperature of the water, which must be hot but not too hot (about 37ºC) and the products you use to carry out this task, which will be specifically designed to be applied to cats; that is, you should never use shampoos or others that are for dogs, as they could contain toxic substances for the feline, such as permethrin .

For the first few times we recommend simply getting them used to the sound of water. Give them awards as they listen to it so that they associate it with something positive. Then, when a little time has passed, take a soft sponge and put it in the water, without soap or anything, then wring it out and gently wipe it over the animals’ heads.

The next times, you should go gently wetting them, until they are completely drenched . It is at that moment, when you should apply the soap or shampoo gently, and avoiding the head so that it does not panic or stress more than it can be at this time.

Once you have it fully soapy, you should start wetting it again. When you are done, you must remember that you have to dry it, again being very soft and avoiding tugging . Do not forget that at the end of the bathing process, it will be convenient for you to give him a prize, so that he knows that he behaved correctly and that at the end of the baths he will always receive something in return.

You should slowly wet them with water that is more or less at body temperature, so that the cat does not feel the change in a very aggressive way.

Bathe only if necessary


Cats are not animals that have to bathe. They spend a good part of their lives grooming themselves . In fact, there are small hooks on its tongue in which dead hairs and dirt that may be on them get caught. You could almost say that they are obsessed with their hygiene, which is logical: while they are predators, they can also be prey to other larger animals, so they will do whatever it takes to hide their body odor. One way to reduce that odor is by keeping yourself very clean.

Although it is clear that living inside a house they have nothing to worry about, instinct … is instinct. Nothing can be done to change it.

Can you bathe a 1-month-old cat?

It is common to meet a kitten on the street or in a shelter and, after adopting it, take it home and realize that it is full of fleas and / or ticks. What to do in these cases? Well, in this situation giving a good bath is highly recommended, but only if you turn on the heating in the bathroom half an hour before.

Kittens this young cannot regulate their body temperature, so you have to be very, very careful about exposing them to sudden changes in temperature.

After bathing, pat them dry thoroughly with a towel.

Can you bathe a cat dry?

Taking into account that cats do not usually like to bathe, if they need a bath you can use dry shampoo for these animals , like this one sold here . You apply it all over her body, leave it on for a few minutes, and then remove it with a comb.

Can I bathe my cat with normal shampoo or gel?

No . The pH of the cat’s skin is different from that of human skin. The shampoos and gels that we, the people, use are very strong for cats, so much so that they will damage their dermis, which is a layer of fat that in their case is very thin.

As a result, they could have irritated skin, their hair could fall out and they could also feel bad. More information:


How many times do you have to bathe cats?

None . Only if they are really dirty and / or have stopped grooming.

I hope it has been useful to you.



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