How do I get my cat to swallow a dewormer?

How Do I Get My Cat To Swallow A Dewormer?

Getting a cat to swallow a pill isn’t always easy, and deworming is no exception. Sometimes you have to show great dexterity to dodge scratches, or even use trickery to successfully give your cat his dewormer.

But luckily, you came across the right article! We are going to review the methods to safely swallow a dewormer for your tomcat.

Administering A Dewormer To Your Cat, A Necessary Evil

The vermifuge helps fight against parasites in the cat, and prevents it from catching worms, or eliminates them if they are already present. A reliable and effective drug, the dewormer requires regular administration, every few months when taken.

Be aware that your cat is susceptible to several types of worms, the most common being roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms. As for bladder or cardiopulmonary worms, which are rarer, their dangerousness is real.

In either case, worms weaken your cat and affect its general good health. They multiply and an infestation can cause lesions on several organs of your tomcat. In addition, feline worms are transmissible to other cats, but also to other animals such as dogs or rodents.

No cat, even a homebody and living exclusively indoors, is immune to worms. They can be caught through food, or brought back by humans under their shoes, for example.

In the interest of your mustachioed companion, only one reflex: deworming!

You still have to manage to administer his deworming tablet…

8 Ways To Deworm A Cat

Method Number 1: Put The Dewormer In Front Of Him

Well, we’re not going to lie to each other, this method has a 99.9% chance of failing. Since dewormer is unpalatable and bears absolutely no resemblance to kibble, your cat should just ignore it and move on.

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On the other hand, if your cat is the rare pearl belonging to the 0.1%, it’s the jackpot! Congratulations, you have the coolest cat on the planet, and the worming chore, you don’t know it!

Method Number 2: Mix The Dewormer With The Food

The chances of success of this method are significantly higher than the previous one. Mix the dewormer with his mash and voila! If you’re lucky, he won’t notice the pill and will swallow it with his food.

On the other hand, if your cat is a little clever, he will have sorted and will leave the dewormer at the bottom of his very clean bowl. Don’t try it with the kibble, he will see that this little white thing in the middle is not food.

Choose a good, very appetizing pâté, he may well not pay attention to the deception, caught up in his natural gluttony.

Method Number 3: Crush The Dewormer And Mix It With Your Mash

If the two previous methods did not work, normally this one should do the trick. So we’re going to crush the tablet, then mix it into a small amount of mash and give it to your cat. It is likely that your cat does not even realize the subterfuge.

If your cat is very suspicious and has refused to eat the dewormer, then there is no doubt that your cat has a sixth sense, it smells like a scam. Proceed to the next method…

Method Number 4: Dissolve The Dewormer In Water And Administer It With A Syringe

Let’s go to the strong method. Your cat won’t like it, but he just had to be more cooperative first! If the dewormer allows it (check the instructions), you can dissolve the tablet in a little water and administer it with a syringe (without a needle!) or a pipette.

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You will have to slide the syringe well down your cat’s throat, so that he does not spit it all out. Hold it firmly, but without brutality, during the operation, in order to protect yourself and avoid the risk of scratching.

Method Number 5: Deposit The Vermifuge At The Back Of The Throat

You suspect that your tomcat will not let it go and that he will not appreciate the operation. Immobilize your cat with the strength of your arms. Next, take your cat’s head between your thumb and index finger, just behind the eyes.

Finally, with the same hand, press his upper lip to open his mouth. Once you have enough room, slide the tablet as far down your throat as possible. Close his mouth and hold it there until he has swallowed the dewormer. You can massage his throat to help him swallow.

Do not release the pressure exerted on your cat until you have seen him swallow, this is a sign that he has swallowed his tablet well. To make him swallow the pill, catch up with a big session of cuddles or games later in the day.

Method Number 6: Use A Tablet Clamp

The pill clips are specially designed to easily administer medication to our felines. They can be found in all specialized stores, online pet stores or even at your veterinarian.

Using the previous method, once the mouth is open, insert the forceps deep into the throat and release the dewormer there. Close his mouth and keep it that way until he has swallowed his pill.

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This clamp provides several advantages unlike the purely manual method. You will avoid possible bites and scratches, you will not need to open your cat’s mouth very much, and finally he will have less chance of spitting out his vermifuge. It’s all profit!

Method Number 7: The Burrito Technique

No, it’s not a joke, we’re going to turn your tomcat into a giant burrito! It’s his fault, he shouldn’t have struggled! Thanks to this technique, your cat will be completely immobilized and you can administer its dewormer according to method number 5 or 6, as desired.

Lay a napkin on a clear table or work surface. Then put your cat on it, wrap the towel around him, keeping his paws along his body while letting his head stick out. Your cat will then be held firmly and will no longer be able to struggle. Don’t squeeze too hard either, your cat must be able to breathe!

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