My cat suffocates, what do I do?

Choking is a life-threatening problem for a cat. This animal is already very curious, exploring its territory and everything in it several times throughout the day. If there is something new, it will interest him, and if he also believes that he can play with that object, he will not hesitate to do so. Thus, he can catch it with his mouth, with the risk that due to carelessness or a fright he will put it inside, and end up obstructing his airways.

For prevention, if you ever wonder what to do if my cat suffocates, here we will explain how you should act.

The first thing to see is whether the object can be removed. To do this, ask someone to hold the cat firmly from behind (you can wrap it with a towel to avoid scratching you, obviously leaving its head uncovered), and you have to hold its head, tilting it back a little and open his mouth wide.

Now, pull the cat’s tongue out, very carefully. If you see the object, try to extract it with your fingers. In the event that it is a needle, or that you cannot, go immediately to the vet. 

If you are unconscious, but your heart is beating, you can carry out artificial respiration. For this, you have to place it on its side, and keep your mouth closed. Now, you must blow hard into his nostrils . The animal should breathe on its own after 10 seconds, but if it does not, or if its heart has stopped beating, go see the professional while, on the way, you continue with artificial respiration.

Choking is a problem that needs urgent attention. Do not miss it.


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