My cat sneezes, why?

A sneeze from time to time is a normal reaction, both in people and in cats. But if it is done in a continuous way, it is a symptom that health is being compromised by some virus or other problem.

So how do I know why my cat sneezes? And, most importantly, what do I have to do to improve it?

What are the causes?

Sneezing is caused by foreign particles that irritate the nasal mucosa. The most common causes are the following:

  • Allergies: felines, like us, can have allergies to many things, such as pollen, tobacco smoke, dust, certain foods (they are usually cereals, but sometimes it is also to a certain type of meat), or mold.
  • Viruses: Viruses weaken the immune system and can make the animal sneeze. Preventing them is, therefore, very important, and very easy at the same time since we only have to take him to the vet to give him the vaccines.
  • Bacteria: like Chlamydia or Bordetella, they are very contagious. They are transmitted by direct contact between cats that are sick.

Other possible causes are: inhalation of foreign objects , such as seeds, oral disease and cancer in the nose.

How to treat it?

The treatment will depend on the cause, but if they are not serious, that is, if it is an allergy, it is most likely that he will give him an antihistamine or that he recommends making some changes at home; But if it is a tumor in the nose, he may send you medication to keep it under control, or he may decide to remove it under general anesthesia.

Can it be prevented?

Fortunately, yes. As we mentioned before, it is highly advisable to take the cat to the vet for vaccinations. In this way, we will prevent you against diseases as dangerous as FIP or feline leukemia. But also, and especially if he has a white nose, I recommend that you apply sunscreen for cats , because over the years and if he likes to sunbathe a lot, he could end up getting cancer.


So, if you see that your furry sneezes a lot, don’t hesitate to take it to a professional for an examination.




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