My cat meows a lot at night Reasons and solution

In general, cats like to meow and they do it, no matter what time it is, to communicate with us.

Seeing them meow can be gratifying for an owner, it is a way of communicating with our furry dogs, and they show us that they love us.

But it is clear that it is not the same to hear them meow from time to time during the day, to hear frequent meows at night.

If you consider that your cat does not stop meowing at night  and you want to rest calmly, first you have to understand the reasons why your cat meows or cries so much , and second, what you should do to lose that habit.

Meaning of cat meows

Through their meows, our cats try to satisfy their physical and emotional needs, but also show us their affection .

Sometimes, with their meowing, our cats may be giving us a wake-up call to make us pay attention to them. My cat usually meows next to the door of the house, when she wants to go out to the garden.

Likewise, cats use their meows so as not to lose contact with their babies, who perfectly distinguish their voices from those of other mothers.

In general, cats meow louder at other cats and softer at humans.

In any case, and as each cat is a world, there are also those that barely meow and others, such as the extroverted Siamese, with a reputation for talkative.

Reasons why your cat meows so much at night

Experts say that cats are capable of emitting more than 60 different meows, with different meanings, depending on their duration, intensity and intonation.

  • Moving from homecan cause anxiety and show itself in the form of meowing or whining, especially at night.
  • Let him be boredand want you to wake up and play.
  • That your cat is hungry or thirstyat midnight.
  • The loneliness of the cat, you may spend many hours alone at home.
  • An older cat may be suffering from dementiadue to age.
  • Some health problemof your cat. Some diseases can cause a cat to feel hungry, thirsty, or in pain, all of which can lead to excessive meowing.
  • A  newly adopted catmay feel scared in his new home.
  • My cat meows when we forget the litter box in the garden and she wants to use it.
  • Your cat greets you when you see you. Many cats meow when their people come home, or even when they are in the house. This is a tough habit to break, but look at him like a kitten saying he’s happy to see you.
  • You are bothered by something you see outside, probably another cat or dog.
  • Your cat wants to go outside or enter the room that it should not. It can also happen that it has been locked in a room and is warning you to open it.
  • If your cat is elderly, he may have trouble navigating at night and meow because he feels insecure. It usually occurs as a result of the progressive loss of vision, typical of the years
  • Cats that have heat. Females howl when in heat, and males scream when they smell a female in heat.

How to prevent your cat from meowing at night

First I tell you, the amount of meows varies depending on the breed and personality of the cat. Oriental breeds, especially Siamese cats, are known as great “talkative”, so if you find excessive meowing unbearable, you should give up these breeds.

If your cat meows a little more than you’d like, try to find out the cause first. Once you know why, you can try to find solutions.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a cat meows at night . Here are some ways to prevent your cat from meowing at night:

  • First, rule out any medical problems, if that is the case, take your cat to the vet to analyze any health problems, especially if you notice that he bites excessively during the day and at night. As cats age, they are prone to developing thyroid or kidney disease, which can lead to excessive meowing.
  • When it comes to moving houses, this can be an exceptionally stressful time for pets. Try to stick with your pet’s routine as much as possible. Stick with the feeding schedules, take time to play and give it love.
  • If cats are not active during the day, they may want to burn off that energy at night. One way to help would be to spend some playtime with your cat before bed. Provide your cat with toys that motivate him during the day and play with him for as long as you can. It is clear that if your cat is active and happy during the day, at night it will have sweet dreams.
  • It’s also a good idea to feed your cat and provide fresh water just before bed. Who does not sleep well with a full belly!
  • If even if you feed him before bed in the middle of the night, he is still hungry, and lets you know with meows, try an automatic food feeder.
  • Newly adopted cats may meow from loneliness. Again, playtime before bed is one way to get her to relax. Remember, however, that a new kitten is a baby, and it may take her a few nights to adjust to her new routine and environment.
  • If your cat is social and friendly with other cats, consider bringing a second cat to your family. If the two cats are compatible, they will probably play with each otherand leave you alone for the night. However, frolicking cats can make a lot of noise. Of this solution I have serious doubts that it will work.
  • If you think that the meowing may be due to a problem that occurs outside the house, closing the blinds or curtains could be an easy solution.
  • If you have an unsterilized cat, think that she can meow, in a constant and breathy manner, to attract the attention of the cats in her environment. Neighboring cats without neutering, meanwhile, will meow in response to the requirements of cats in heat. In these cases, the conflict is easily resolved with the spaying or neutering of the felines.
  • If your pet spends too many hours a day alone at home, you must find a way to enrich his life. Put down cat toys, get a cat tree, try leaving a television on.
  • Aging cats. Cats, like people, can suffer a form of mental confusion or cognitive dysfunction as they age. They become disoriented and often cry pitifully for no apparent reason, especially at night. A night light can sometimes help if your cat becomes disoriented at night, and vets can often prescribe medications that help with these symptoms.

What you should not do to prevent your cat from meowing at night

  • Do not ignore the problem, it may be important. Sometimes cats meow for good reason: they can’t reach their litter box, they’re stuck in a room, the water bowl is empty. Check it when it meows to determine if it’s something you can ignore, or it’s a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.
  • Don’t punish your cat for meowing. Hitting, yelling and spraying cats with water rarely work in the long run, you can even achieve the opposite effect, that your cat mistrusts you.
  • Do not give up. If your cat is used to getting what he wants from the meow, he will meow more, and louder to get what he wants, so things will get worse over time. Try to reward calm demeanor and ignore the blackmail of the meows, and they’ll probably get the point.



Finally, we must  pay attention to the meows of our cats and their body language.

This is called empathy, the same empathy that cats have when they capture our mood, according to the tone, volume and intensity of our voice.

I hope that reading this article will help you reduce your cat’s nocturnal meows and, if he vocalizes, it may be because he is happy and ready to get a good night’s sleep. It is what it takes to identify with him and understand his feelings.



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