My cat knows how to open doors: how can I get rid of this bad habit?

My Cat Knows How To Open Doors: How Can I Get Rid Of This Bad Habit?

There is no doubt that the cat is a cunning animal, very observant, and which does not take long to learn to open a door by clinging to the latch. It quickly becomes a mania. It’s certainly fun for a few days, but it ends up overwhelming a lot of masters over time. It is therefore preferable that the kitty loses this bad habit. Let’s see how to make a cat stop opening doors.

Change The Inclination Of The Door Handle

The cat can only open a door if the latch is horizontal. To get rid of this bad habit, just position the door handle vertically. A simple rotation of the latch is therefore sufficient for the little feline to no longer be able to lean on it.

Lock The Doors

Do-it-yourselfers can swap a simple door handle for a device with lock. Once the door is closed either with a lock or a locking button, or with a key, the kitty may well jump on the latch and cling to it, he will no longer be able to enter the room to which access is prohibited. You can take the opportunity to replace all the slightly outdated interior door handles with a contemporary model. There is an incredible choice to take care of its interior decoration.

Install Round Door Handles

aesthetics, the round door handle has an additional advantage: it cannot be operated by a cat. If you can no longer bear the audacity of your kitty who opens the doors night and day, the solution is therefore all found. Whether in porcelain (old style), copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel or wood, the round handle with or without locking system is as original as it is practical.

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Train Your Cat As Soon As Possible

A cat can only break bad habits by deterrence. It is therefore as soon as he begins to jump on the latches that we must react. It’s part of education. Just as you don’t let your cat climb on the kitchen counter or table, you must forbid him to open the doors. It is certainly easier to educate a kitten than an adult cat, but it is worth trying. As for old cats, they gradually lose their flexibility. So they end up abandoning the door handles.

Note that the education of a kitten or an adult cat requires kindness and a big consistency from his breeder. The animal must clearly understand what its master expects of it. It is therefore fundamental to always say the same words as soon as the kitty tries to reach the door handle. You must also be ready to repeat yourself tirelessly because you cannot prohibit one day what you authorized the day before. There constancy and the patience are the basis for the cat to become obedient.

Of course, if the kitty persists, it should not be violated. We are firm and when he obeys, we do not forget to congratulate him by talking, petting and giving him a little cat treat.

Removing this bad habit from your cat is recommended because the fact that it can open a door as it pleases exposes it to a number of hazards. The animal can quickly find itself outside without supervision, which is not at all desirable if the dwelling is located near a busy road, or if one lives in an apartment in height. Risks also exist in certain rooms such as the baby’s room. This is why it is necessary to prevent the cat from opening all the doors without exception so that there is no confusion possible.

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