My cat is going crazy: why?

My Cat Is Going Crazy: Why?

If you’ve witnessed a cat go wild at least once, there’s cause for concern! Your adorable kitty suddenly goes crazy, running and jumping like crazy, before returning to normal in a few moments. Is it serious doctor ? We explain to you where this behavior comes from and why there is no reason to worry too much…

The Second Of Madness Of A Cat, It Impresses!

Your cat is quietly wandering around the apartment, when suddenly he jumps up and his hair bristles, as if seized with terror in front of an invisible enemy. He arches his back, in a fighting stance, ready to pounce on prey that only he can see. Or he springs from the ground like a rocket and leaps on the curtains, lands on a piece of furniture, leaps on another, does three turns on the back of the sofa and returns to the curtains… And all that at a hundred miles an hour! And suddenly, he sits down and begins to wash, as calmly as possible. As if all this mad cavalcade – which only lasted a few seconds or a few minutes – had only been a parenthesis already forgotten.

How To Explain This Madness?

The moment of cat madness, also known as zoomie, often occurs at the end of the day, at nightfall, and it is not by chance. Because this little feline is a crepuscular animal, much more active when evening comes… The cat is a predator and its main activity is hunting, of which it retains its instinct even if it lives in an apartment. An instinct that pushes him to hunt an average of forty times a day! It is also in sedentary cats, confined to apartments, that we mainly observe these fits of madness. The zoomie is explained by a need to release an energy that they could not spend during the day. When your cat freaks out, it’s to let off steam! It is rarer to observe this phenomenon in a cat living outdoors and exercising its hunting skills in a garden… The blow of madness is a simulacrum of hunting, where the cat discharges its excess energy and evacuates his frustration. This is a very effective way to regain balance.

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Did You Say Madness? Everything Is Normal !

If these few seconds of release are a behavior common to all cats, it nevertheless shows a certain frustration. These behaviors are much more spectacular and frequent in the most sedentary cats. It’s a bit like their exercise bike or their personal punching bag… The stroke of madness also takes on astonishing proportions in the youngest cats. Do not panic: this release is a healthy reaction to a lack of physical activity. This is not a sign of stress, your cat is fine.

But it must nevertheless be taken into account, if you do not want to spend your life hanging up the curtains…

But Watch Out For Unusual Crises…

Sometimes it can also be pathological behavior. You should be concerned if your cat suddenly begins to experience these types of seizures, or if they multiply in an unusual way. They can be a symptom of a health problem, such as hyperthyroidism or certain skin diseases or allergies. A cat that becomes deaf or blind may also exhibit unusual insanity. Sometimes a flea infestation is the cause. If you suspect a disease or disability, consult a veterinarian immediately.

A cat in madness can even go so far as to attack the people around him, all claws out. If during a fit of madness your cat jumps on you and tries to bite and scratch your ankles, this is not normal. This time it is a sign of significant stress or anxiety. It would be better to consult a veterinary behaviorist to understand the cause of this attitude and find a solution.

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What To Do During A Stroke Of Feline Madness?

To tell the truth, there is not much to do, apart from waiting for him to pass. You can always try to offer him objects or toys adapted to his release, at least to prevent him from breaking something precious or stealing your classes (yet so well arranged). Above all, do not add cries and from reprimands to his fit of madness, it is useless! The release of a cat is instinctive, it does not seek to harm you. No need to punish him, he wouldn’t understand the reason. If you want to look for a cause for his madness, look rather on the side of his way of life.

Solutions To Limit The Craziness Of The Twink

You can meet this need for activity by providing your cat with more stimulation. If you live in an apartment, take the time to play with him and if possible take him out regularly. In your absence, he must be able to exert himself with games designed to stimulate his hunting instinct. No need to ruin yourself; you can tinker with some games using string, feathers, ribbons or balls. The good old cork hanging from the bar of a chair at your grandmother’s had no other function than to stimulate the cat and help it burn off its beautiful energy. Of course, there are also adapted toys that you will find in pet stores or at the local supermarket… Install a cat tree and a scratching post so that he can jump, stretch, scratch, climb… in short, the life of a cat ! What matters is that the kitty can practice hunting and reaching prey, whatever it is. You can’t imagine the dose of soothing hormones he releases through this kind of activity. A hunter cat must know how to hunt without getting tired!

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