How do I know if my cat is dominant?

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Dominant?

It can be very destabilizing to have to face a dominant cat on a daily basis, and it can even become a real hell for the master and the members of his family. Let’s see what are the particular signs of a dominant cat and what are the best solutions allowing the animal to be put back on the right track by teaching it the limits not to be exceeded.

Dominant Cat: The Telltale Signs

Inveterate Pasha, the dominant cat is by definition less dangerous than the dominant dog, but that does not mean that he is easier to tolerate by the members of his foster family. It is more likely in some cases to generate fear and that is enough to undermine the complicity between the animal and its masters. It is all the more necessary to be wary of it when the family includes young toddlers.

A dominant cat exhibits very specific signs the most common of which are:

    • There uncleanliness.
    • Of the urine markings frequent, regardless of the location, which includes the interior of the dwelling (they should not be confused with uncleanliness).
    • Of the scratches repetitive and for no apparent reason.
    • Of the bites frequent.
    • A aggressiveness omnipresent including with regard to his master who nevertheless takes care of his animal, gives him food, drink, and does not hesitate to cuddle him, talk to him or even play with him.
    • A state of stress sometimes significant.
    • A very personality invasive.

The owners of a dominant cat sometimes have the feeling that they live in their cat, and not the other way around! If one has the impression that it is the cat who leads the boat at home, it is high time to ask questions. This can mean that the little feline is a perfect dominant. Such an attitude is rarely due to a pathology, but it is an educational problem.

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Why Is A Cat Dominant With Its Owner?

Dominance in cats is instinctive and it can be considered normal when it is expressed towards congeners. On the other hand, when it is excessive it is no longer really normal. It is even less acceptable when the cat shows up dominant over humans. If we are not careful, a master can quickly be invaded by her cat and no longer being able to impose anything on him.

In the majority of cases, when a cat shows disproportionate dominance towards its master, it is because there has been a failure in his education. We see this type of behavior in many cats that have been weaned too early or poorly weaned, that have not been educated by their mother or simply that have not been socialized. These animals have no no notion of limits ignore the prohibitions, and therefore impose themselves as the only masters on board.

Dominant Cat: How To Fix This Problem?

The master of a dominant cat must absolutely not allow the situation to continue. The animal must be able to be taken over as soon as possible so that his master can feel at home again.

To make everyday life more acceptable, it is necessary to react very quickly when you have proof that your cat is acting like a superior being. As long as this character trait is expressed on the outside, it can still pass. But the shoe pinches if the cat imposes itself beyond certain limits in the daily life of its masters.

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It’s necessary Putting things in place in order to do not let your pet control you because it is unacceptable. Letting such a situation settle may one day oblige the master to have to protect himself from his little four-legged companion. A height! No need to try to have him prescribe medication to calm this exacerbated dominance. On the other hand, it is necessary to:

    • Reply without delay as soon as the cat adopts an out-of-bounds attitude,
    • be always consistent and fair in his approach,
    • Do not scold the cat if it is not not caught in the act for he would not understand the reason for this rebuke,
    • Restore hierarchy so that the master finds his true place just like the other people in the home,
    • Stop all gambling immediately as soon as the cat is aggressive,
    • Him deny access in the bedrooms, in the living room, in the kitchen…
    • Ignore chat when he asks for food while his masters are taking their meal.

Rehabilitate your cat requires the patience because its behavior cannot change in a day, and it takes longer the older the cat. This also requires making the difference between negative and disturbing attitudes related to an excess of dominance and those that have nothing to do with it.

We have understood that a master must never tolerate be a hostage to your cat. Certain extreme situations would have forced the dominant animal owners to lock themselves in a room as long as they were terrorized. In order not to arrive at this type of paroxysm, and if one does not manage to establish the necessary hierarchy at home, there is no other choice than to contact a behavioral veterinarian to have the best advice or to have the chat taken care of by this expert.

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