My cat has snot, what’s wrong?

The nose of a healthy cat should be slightly damp, with that shiny spot that you sometimes see. But unfortunately it is very difficult to protect him from everything, so it is likely that more than once in his life he will catch a cold, especially if he has permission to go outside. And of course, more than once we will say ” my cat has snot “.

Although the cold is one of the most common causes, there are others that should be known to act as soon as possible in order for the furry to recover as soon as possible. So, at Noti Gatos we are going to explain what these causes are and what their treatment is .

Why does my cat have snot?

The reasons why our friend has nasal secretions are many and varied. Among the main ones we find:

  • Presence of foreign bodies in their nostrils, such as a spike.
  • Allergy, either to dust, pollen, or to the products we use to clean the home.
  • Nasopharyngeal polyps, which are abnormal growths in some part of the nose or pharynx.
  • Colds and / or flu.

What is your treatment?

Treatment will vary depending on the cause, so it is best to go to the vet for a complete examination so that he can make a diagnosis and treat the furry one. The provider will do a series of tests and exams (x-rays, nose and airway exam, blood tests, biopsy) to find out what is wrong with you.

Once the diagnosis is known, it will proceed to treat it, either by giving it  anti-inflammatory or anti- allergic drugs , radio or chemotherapy in the case of cancer, removing the foreign body , etc.




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