My cat does not eat I think, what do I do?

My cat does not eat I think, what do I do? ». This is one of those questions that we have all asked ourselves more than once. And the thing is, this animal can become very special with food; sometimes even too much, which does not make it easy for us to find a brand that you like.

However, there are several things we can do to try to convince you.

Tricks for the cat to eat I think

The cat is a carnivorous animal, that is, the basic food of its diet must be meat. Starting from this, the feed that we give it does not have to contain by-products or cereals , since these are ingredients that cannot be digested well and that the body ends up discarding anyway.

Feed with these characteristics is more expensive than the others (a 7.5kg bag can cost 45 euros), but in the medium term it costs more, since you have to give it less than other cheaper feed, so the jacket lasts longer. In addition, the taste and smell is much more natural, more attractive to the feline, so a trick for it to eat feed is to give it a very good quality one . Although it is not the only one.

Another trick is to add some salmon oil to your dinner plate . This way you get more flavor, so you may end up leaving the feeder clean 😉. Of course, add no more than a large spoonful once for 3-4 days, no more. And if he still doesn’t like it, make him a homemade chicken broth (without salt or seasonings) and mix it with his feed.

Why don’t you eat I think?

When a cat does not want to eat we have to ask ourselves why it does not want to. Sometimes he may simply not be hungry, but being an animal of routines it is better that we worry when our friend does not eat , because he does not usually change his habits unless he is sick, he has eaten in secret or someone has him has given something to eat without telling us.

For this reason, every time we suspect that our cat is ill, that is, that it has a fever, loss of appetite, seizures, or any other symptom that makes us suspicious, we have to take it to the vet as soon as possible.

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