My cat can't stand being touched or petted.  What to do ?

My cat can’t stand being touched or petted. What to do ?

The cat is an animal that hates being forced to do anything. While many small felines like to be cuddled, others hate caresses and even reject any contact with some vehemence. It is then illusory to want to modify the behavior of his cat if he has never liked this type of contact. But by trying to understand why his cat does not support the marks of affection, the master can manage to make his little companion more tolerant, provided he is patient.

Do Not Force Your Cat If He Does Not Like Hugs

The cat is a domestic animal very prone to stress. And contrary to what many people think, caresses do not always manage to appease him, quite the contrary. They can also be a source of stress if the cat does not like them.

Depending on the character of the animal and/or its life history, its reaction when touched can be quite violent. He growls, spits, and we risk being claw Or bitten. It is therefore not necessary to impose caresses on him if he is not demanding, and especially when he is resting. Independent, he likes to be at peace and can’t stand anyone disturbing his peace of mind. Moreover, if we take the time to observe a cat who does not like hugs, we notice that he prefers to sit next to a person who never tries to touch him.

The fact that a cat categorically refuses signs of affection from his master can be explained in different ways, namely:

    • The cat was not used to being petted or picked up as a kitten,
    • He grew up with masters who were not interested in him,
    • His former foster family never played with their cat,
    • The animal has suffered trauma such as abandonment or abuse.
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When a cat’s life story is complicated, it is quite difficult to accustom it to petting. If he has been beaten, for example, he may no longer easily trust his new masters. Which is quite frustrating.

How To Make A Cat Agree To Be Stroked?

To try to change this behavior it is necessary to arm oneself with a lot of patience and show understanding. What matters above all is respect the animal. Over time, feeling loved, perhaps he will himself beg for a caress. In any case, it is not necessary never force a cat that doesn’t want to be touched.

In some cases, an overflowing affection, even suffocating, on the part of a master for his cat can make the animal distant to the point that he no longer supports the slightest contact with a human. So you always have to be measure and ensure that his little companion maintains his independence. This is vital for its development and well-being.

And let’s not forget that before establishing physical contact with this type of cat, it is fundamental to talk. The intonation and softness of a master’s voice are sometimes more reassuring than unwanted physical contact.

Whatever the master does, there is no guarantee that the cat will agree to be touched. When all the efforts made by all the members of the family remain in vain, do not hesitate to consult a behavioral veterinarian. This specialist is more likely to achieve good results where the cat masters have failed.

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