My baby cat does not drink water, what do I do?

When we have a baby kitten that already begins to eat solid food, at first as minced as possible and later something harder, such as dry feed, one of the things that worries us the most is that it seems to be that it does not like the water . It is difficult to understand why it does not drink, after all, this is the liquid that all living beings need to live, precisely, but the little feline does not want to drink. Why?

If at this time you would like to know why my baby cat does not drink water, and what you can do to make him start to like it, then we will explain everything to you

Why don’t you drink water?

A baby kitten has to be fed only milk – either from the mother or, if it is an orphan, a milk specifically prepared for kittens – during the first month of life. From the second, he has to stop giving the bottle to give him soft foods , such as wet cans for kittens, chicken broth (without bone or skin), Yum Diet for cats that is a natural food for them, or with dry feed very soaked in milk -for cats-.

Thus, what can happen to the animal is that it does not want to drink water because it already gets all the moisture it needs from its food. In addition, it must be borne in mind that to date the only liquid he has known is milk, which has a characteristic taste and smell. The water, on the other hand, has no smell or taste, so it is not attractive at all.

What to do to get him to drink water?

In spite of everything, we all know that water is an essential food, so we have to be very patient and mix its food from time to time, not with milk, but with water . You may not want to drink at first, but if you are hungry… you will most likely eat.

Of course, if you don’t want to, what you can do is give it a little – without forcing – with a syringe without a needle or with a bottle once or twice a day.


Normally, after two months, he will drink water on his own without problems.



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