Most popular cat breeds

Thinking of living with a furry guy? If so, it may be useful to know which are the most popular cat breeds , since although the decision to choose one or the other is very personal, it is not always easy to make it. And they are all precious.

So, to help you with this difficult task, I am going to tell you the main characteristics of the cats that enjoy the greatest popularity.

This is a medium to large sized cat that has medium to long coat. Very soft to the touch, it will enjoy the caresses you give it. Of course, it is an animal that likes to stay active , so if you live in an apartment, it is highly recommended that you prepare it for a family member who loves to run and have fun.

Siamese cat


The Siamese has been and continues to be one of the most popular cat breeds. He is very affectionate, to the point that some people call him the “cat-dog”, as they are much more dependent than other cats. It has a slender figure and a short coat, so you wo n’t have to worry much about brushing , as you only have to do it once a day.

Ragdoll cat


This cat is large in size (about 6-7kg can weigh as adults), and since it has a semi-long coat, it looks like a stuffed animal. A stuffed animal that likes to be with the family , especially if you have a child friend to play with.

Persian cat


The Persian is one of the cats that has always been associated with the nobility. He has a character very typical of his breed: he is elegant, affectionate, but if he feels uncomfortable, he will let you know (with snorts, grunts, or walking away). It is a cat that needs a lot of maintenance (cleaning the eyes, brushing, bathing), so it is appropriate for people who can dedicate a lot of time to it.

Maine Coon Cat


The Maine Coon is another breed of large cat. It can weigh between 7 and 8 kg, but everything that is big is affectionate. Their fur is long and smooth, which will need regular brushing to avoid knot formation. If we talk about the character, it is a very home cat, very family. He likes to be petted and cuddled, and he will also enjoy being with children.

European common cat


And we end up with the common European cat. It is true that it is not a breed as such, but if you are looking for a friend and do not want to spend a lot of money, then your best option will be the adoption of one of these cats. There are so many in animal shelters and Protectoras looking for a home. In addition, there are many colors: white, black, silver, brindle, bicolor, with long, short or semi-long hair … These furry are very affectionate, and can become the best companion of any person, regardless of the age. have.

Do you already know which one you are going to take home? 🙂


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