More developing cat breeds that aren’t popular

Breeders are still trying to create new breeds, not all of them popular . None of the following breeds have yet achieved international recognition, which in some cases is essential to safeguard their survival. Without it, breeders have little incentive to continue breeding these unknown cats if they have no hope of showing them off in due course. Chausie

New breed that combines the exoticism of a jungle cat with the temperament and eating habits of a domestic one. It was registered with TICA in 1995. Its silky coat exists in many colors, such as gold, black, with silver tips and with leopard spots. It is a large species. Its body is long, and the back legs are slightly higher than the front legs. They are extremely intelligent and very active, as their muscular build and wild blood allow them to be very athletic. They get along well with other cats.

Highland lynx

It was created by crossing two existing races; the domestic lynx and the jungle curl. The Highland Lynx has the body of the bobcat and the distinctive curved ears of the jungle curl. They are curious and want to be a part of household activities. There are them with short and long hair, as well as with fawn, leopard and marbled patterns. Many have polydactyly (in this case six toes are typical).


A California breeder created this breed by crossing a male, said to have been injected with selected skunk genes, with Persian females. Big and extremely affectionate feline cats, they have a very friendly disposition, despite having some skunk in their blood. She adores children and also gets along with other family pets. All you need to have the perfect coat is a daily brushing.

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