The Minskin, a particularly rare cat

Minskin: character, education, health, price

The Minskin is a very recent purebred cat, originally from the United States. Descendant of the Munchkin, but also of several other breeds, he is sometimes completely naked like the Sphynx, but not systematically. Affectionate and friendly, this cat is still very rare and its appearance is not definitively fixed.

Discover the rare Minskin this amazing cat with a totally quirky look.

The Minskin In A Nutshell

    • Other name(s): Teddy rex
    • Life expectancy: 10 to 15 years
    • Weight: 2 to 4 kg (male and female)
    • Size: about 20 at the withers
    • Silhouette: semi-foreign
    • Hair: naked
    • Dresses: all
    • Character: affectionate, sociable, active
    • Origin: USA
    • Cat breed recognized by the LOOF: no


Minskin Breed History

The Minskin breed is recent, dating back to the 2000s. An American breeder of Birmans and Tonkinese located in Boston (Massachusetts), Paul McSorley, was originally looking for a short-legged cat with the colorpoint pattern of the Siamese. He began his first research in 1992, with the help of his mentor and feline judge, geneticist Dr Solveig Pflueger.

So he started a breeding program consisting of breeds such as Munchkin, Birman, Burmese, Sphynx and Devon Rex. He quickly realized that completely bald cats suffered more immune disorders. He therefore counterbalanced with marriages including hairy cats.

In 2005, the TICA (The International Cat Association) recognized the Minskin as an experimental breed, then, in 2008, as a preliminary breed.

At the same time, breeders wanted to create mini hairless cats and used Minskins who were still hairy with colourpoint coats. They intermarried them with Sphynxes and called the descendants Bambino breed. These couplings proving to be easier and quicker to obtain results, these breeders multiplied them. As the Bambinos were not recognized, they were integrated into the Minskins. Hairless cats then became the majority in the Minskin, which no longer corresponded to the primary wishes of their breeder. For several years, he therefore tried, accompanied by other breeders who shared his values, to reintegrate hairy cats into the Minskin breed. This work is currently continuing.

Today, the definitive standard is not established. The LOOF, in France, does not recognize the Minskin, just like most of the feline authorities with the exception of the TICA.

Physical Characteristics Of The Minskin Breed

The Minskin is a cat short. He descends from the Munchkin, from which he took over the main characteristic, the short legs. Its morphological profile is semi-cobby, with robust musculature and bone structure. Her head, rounded in shape, is wider than long, with good cheeks. We notice a slight stop seen in profile (a gap between the top of the muzzle and the forehead). Ears are large and their ends are rounded. As to to the eyes, they should be large, spaced and round. His gaze reflects gentleness and intelligence.

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His coat is changeable. The Minskin can take on the characteristic of the Sphynx and appear naked or it can also have very short hair all over the body. Some subjects have very short and visible fur at the points (face, tail, legs, ears), but absent on the rest of the body. We then speak of Minskin “fur points”. The hairy areas are covered with a fine down, very soft.

Finally, tail is long. It tapers from base to tip.

Minskin Colors

All the colours are accepted, whether traditional (plain, striped) or colourpoint (such as Siamese, Burmese or Sacred Birman, among others).

The same is true for eye colors.

Character Of The Minskin

We say it curious and very intelligent. It is also a cat particularly affectionate who gets along pretty well with everyone and appreciates the company of humans and animals alike (cat, dog, etc.). He is a little clown and likes to play flirtatiously with her little paws. Despite its small size, he is lively and is able to jump high. The Minskin likes to attract attention and knows how to bring his family together around his antics. He is not a possessive cat, he loves all the members of his family. He has a great need for affection and is easily picked up and handled. He also knows how to ask for tenderness or interaction when he wants it. It is not at all a shy or introverted cat.

A cat being a unique individual, these character traits often recur, but they cannot be considered systematic. Each animal has its temperament, its past and its context which influence its behavior.

Ideal Living Conditions For The Minskin

The Minskin needs attention, he will have to live with a family capable of bringing him a lot. If one of the members is teleworking, it’s even better for him! An elderly person also suits him well. Indeed, he does not appreciate loneliness. As he is a playful animal, he gets along well with children, as well as with other animals in the home, dogs and cats, provided that they have been introduced to him gradually and gently.

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As with all purebred cats, it is best for them to live in an apartment or in a house with a well-fenced garden to prevent theft. A catio allows him to get out safely. He will have to benefit from all the material useful to his physical and mental expenses. Cat trees, horizontal and vertical scratching posts, toys…

Minskin Grooming And Maintenance

Its maintenance depends on its coat. When the cat is naked, cleaning with a washcloth or wipe removes dirt and excess sebum on its skin. A bath from time to time is also necessary.
For those who wear a short coat, a light weekly brushing is enough, with a soft brush because his hair is fine.

His eyes and his ears also deserve attention, particularly in bald subjects who do not have hair to act as a barrier to impurities. Regular cleaning is therefore necessary.

Main Health Problems Of The Minskin

The Minskin is a cat that is still too recent for us to have acquired sufficient hindsight concerning its health. However, as for the Munchkin, the work of the short legs is controversial. Indeed, in dwarf breeds already known, problems return osteoarthritis or spinal deformities, among others. Can also be added the main problem of the Sphynx (the CMH, a disease of the heart). Furthermore, Sphynx/Munchkin crosses revealed weaker immunity in some bald subjects.

The Minskin, like other cats, must be regularly monitored by a veterinarian. This makes it possible to quickly take charge of the various illnesses that may occur during a lifetime, but also to follow one’s weight, diet and compliance with the vaccination schedule.

Minskin Diet

Although smaller than most other cats, the Minskin needs the same type of food as its counterparts in other breeds. This is essentially composed of animal proteins that respond to its carnivorous nature. Bi-nutrition, made up of a mix of pâtés and top-of-the-range croquettes, is currently the most suitable for its needs. She protects her kidneys and urinary system with the hydration of the mash while giving her kibbles to snack on during the day.

Raw feeding and household rations are also ways to properly feed the Minskin, provided you learn about its nutritional needs and conservation methods before filling the bowls.

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Finally, he also needs clean water, changed daily.

Minskin Price

No Minskin can be sold in France as a purebred cat, because the LOOF does not recognize it. A cat or kitten without pedigree has no real price. The purchase of a Minskin therefore costs what the price of the vaccines and its identification are worth, that is to say between 200 to 300 euros depending on the region and the veterinary clinics.

Celebrity Minskins

The Minskin is far too rare and too little known. We have therefore not come across any celebrities sharing their daily life with such a cat.

Anecdotes Around The Minskin

The Minskin is often presented as a naked cat. It would be the replica of the Donskoy or the Sphynx in a short-legged version. It is not so. Some have hair!
We invite you to follow TRT Cattery Minskin Cats on social networks, in order to enjoy many photos of these amazing little beings. It is the cattery of the creator of the breed, Paul Mc Sorley.

Our Advice For Choosing The Right Minskin

As said before, the LOOF does not recognize the Minskin. We therefore do not have access to the traceability of lines, because we cannot register them. It is therefore not possible to find Minskin kittens in France and the risk of being deceived is very high.

In addition, we do not recommend taking a kitten on long trips from abroad, as this is anxiety-provoking for him. The ideal is therefore to wait for recognition by the LOOF or to move towards a recognized breed such as the Sphynx or the Munchkin.

Adopting a Minskin in France is not yet possible, since it is not recognized. However, breed enthusiasts are generally looking for a cat that is totally out of the ordinary and does not leave visitors indifferent. His lively, funny and affectionate character makes him a very pleasant companion.

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