Minskin Cat Breed

Minskin Cat Breed

This little cat is characterized by having short legs and a scant coat. His ears and eyes are large, giving him a sweet look and a friendly appearance. These traits motivate that it is also known as the bambino cat . They are small and endearing kittens that are loved by their intelligence and friendly temperament.

Its history is very recent. Not surprisingly, the breeding programs began in 1998 and the first Minskin saw the light in 2005. Currently, the breed is in the process of evaluation and monitoring towards the achievement of the qualification of “new advanced breed” . This constitutes the last step towards full recognition as a race by the TICA.

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Physical characteristics of the Minskin cat

Its body is small, its chest is broad and its abdomen is rounded. The legs are very short, like those of the Munchkin with which it is related, the hind legs being somewhat longer than the front ones. Their skin is white or pinkish hue and requires daily grooming. Its cheekbones and pads are very prominent, like those of the Sphynx from which it came.

Origin America (USA)
Small size
Weight from 2 to 4 kg males and females
Short hair, velvety to the touch, very soft, with a low gloss and satin shine. It is only located on its legs, face, ears and tail, the rest of the body is hairless. All existing colors and patterns are accepted
Wedge-shaped head, that is, longer than wide, and with rounded lines
Large, triangular and always erect ears
Large, round eyes with a hue consistent with that of the cloak
Tail proportioned to the length of the body and shaped like a whip. Some specimens have a lion’s tail, with a tuft of hair at the tip
Estimated longevity of 9 to 13 years
Difficulty taking care of it medium



Character and behavior of the Minskin cat

These kitties show all their sympathy to conquer everyone who knows them. They get along well with children and with other dogs or cats. They adapt to life in any type of home . However, they do not tolerate loneliness and demand their daily share of pampering. They greatly enjoy gaming sessions, alone or in company.

They are very intelligent and docile cats with whom training constitutes a pleasant experience. They learn quickly and entertain themselves by internalizing what they are taught. They gladly accept strangers and do not leave anyone indifferent due to their peculiar morphology and affectionate character.

Care required by the Minskin cat

In order to keep your skin’s natural oils regulated, daily cleansing is required using wet wipes or a moistened chamois. Once a week or every 10 days it is convenient to bathe it with water and a specific japan to suppress excess sebum.

Their large ears tend to accumulate a lot of earwax. Therefore, to prevent infections or the presence of otitis, you should sanitize them every week with a sterile gauze soaked in physiological saline . Your eyes and teeth should also be cleaned regularly, once a week.

Their diet must be varied and rationed, since obesity would reduce the well-being of their joints. As they lack hair in much of their body, these cats are especially vulnerable to cold and burns from exposure to solar radiation. It is convenient to protect them from the sun by applying cream and avoid drafts at home.

Minskin cat health

Although their trajectory is quite recent and, consequently, little is known about their health conditions, what is known is that coming from the Munchkin they share with them the prevalence of 2 conditions. These are lordosis and pectus excavatum . The first is manifested by an exaggerated curvature of the spine.

The second, on the other hand, is a congenital malformation of the sternum that presents a concave deformity of the same. In a severe stage, it can reduce the normal performance of the heart or lungs, compromising the survival of the animal.

History of the breed and fun facts

Paul Richard McSorley is responsible for the birth of this breed in 1998 in Massachusetts (Boston). He wanted to get a cat with the short legs of the Munchkin and the point pattern with the profusion of fur of the Sphinx. The recessive genes that differentiate both breeds are healthy, so their crosses do not affect the cat’s immune system.

Thus, the Minskin have short legs and the presence of hair only on the legs, on the face, on the ears and on the tail. Later he included the Burmese and Devon Rex breeds in his breeding program to establish a loving and playful temperament .

The first Minskin breed cat was born in July 2000 and they named him Rory. By 2005 there were already 50 copies. Today it holds the status of a “preliminary new breed.” The TICA monitors its evolution to grant it the recognition of a “new advanced breed”. Did you know this breed?



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