Miniature Cats Breed

Would you like to have a cat that you could hold with one hand? If so, do not stop reading because we are going to introduce you to the miniature cats . Most of these animals have been created by and for humans, since while there are people who prefer furry giants, there are also others who like smaller ones.

There are very few actual breeds of miniature cats, but they are all amazing .

Singapore cat


The Singapore or Singapura cat is native to the island of Singapore. In the 80s it was recognized as a breed , and since then the breed has spread throughout Europe, although it must be said that they are not well known yet in the Old Continent. It weighs 2kg , and has a short and very soft coat. This cat has a strong, well-defined body, with a small, rounded head and large, very expressive eyes.

Skookum cat


The Skookum cat is a hybrid from the cross between Munchkin and LaPern whose history began in 1990. The maximum weight is 4kg . This beautiful feline has short legs and a slightly elongated body. Despite this, he does not usually have serious health problems; only those that can affect any other cat.

Minskin cat


Weighing less than 2kg , the Minskin cat is very, very young. It began to be developed in Boston in 1998, and today there are only a few hundred copies. It has hardly any fur, so you won’t have to worry about anything 🙂.

Munchkin cat


The Munchkin cat is a breed of cat that was featured in a North American show televised by the TICA association, and since then it has not stopped adding followers. It weighs 4kg , and has short legs, the product of a natural mutation. The column is long, and it can have long or short hair that you will not be able to stop stroking.

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