Mexican names for cats

Mexican names for cats

Are you looking for an original name for the new pet that you have just welcomed? Mexican names for cats, in addition to being fun, guarantee you a very little heard name on this side of the Pacific. The foods, sayings, objects or characters of their culture and folklore give us a vast selection of ingenious cat names.

In the following lines we will talk to you about which are the most used names for cats and cats in Mexico, as well as some suggestions and their meanings . Remember that the name you select must be short, according to their personality and appearance, dignified and not repeated in other pets in the house.

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Cats in Mexico

It is believed that the felines came to the American continent through the voyages of the Vikings. The Mayans refer to cats as miis , the tzetzal as katu, and the purepecha as misitu . Regarding the indigenous Mexican languages, the cat is called Chitú in Mixtec, Míisi in Tarahumara, Chiti in Chinantec and Miztli in Nahuatl.

Coco and Luna

According to the study carried out by the pet services company DogHero, Coco and Luna are the most popular names among Mexican kittens . For females, in addition to Luna, Camila, Mia, Nina, Misha, Frida, Kira, Nala or Mina are recurring. The predominance of the vowels “a” and “i” has its relevance, as we will see.

For males, other more common names are Simba, Mushu, Tom, Chimuelo (a term that refers to a toothless person), Benito, Yoda, Boris and Pelusa (colloquialism to refer to worldly people). In this study, data from 40,000 pets were analyzed .

As you can see, in general, they have little to do with their culture. For this reason, below we provide you with other proposals, along with their meaning. Do you know that 57% of Mexican homes have a pet? Of these, 15% correspond to cats, with 3 out of 10 being of mixed breed, followed by American shorthair, Bombay and Russian blue.

Best names for Mexican cats

Since the general recommendation of specialists is to choose names of no more than 2 syllables in order to facilitate the learning of the animal, pay attention to these suggestions :

  • Bun, ideal for plump and furry kittens, for example, of the Persian breed.
  • Cocol, is a lozenge-shaped bun with anise flavor and decorated with sesame seeds.
  • Pancho. Suitable for calm and sleepy cats.
  • Pulqueis a fermented drink deeply rooted in the Aztec country. It is made from the sap and is popularly called mead. Due to its tan color, you could use it if your feline has a coat of this tone.
  • Atzin. It means “small water” and Mexicans use it to refer to those who are restless and resourceful.
  • Aztlán. Literally it means “place of the heron” and represents the place used by the Aztecs for their prayers and offerings to the gods.
  • Naran, means “lunar eclipse”.
  • Suré, means “with a big heart.” If your cat is docile and has a tender look, it will honor its sweetness.
  • Tooko, means “tiger”.
  • Hasen, “apple”.
  • Mitli, “puma”.
  • Alt, “water”.
  • Ollin, “movement.”
  • Rahui, this word comes from the indigenous Tarahumara language and means “day”.
  • Itzae, gift of God.


Beautiful names for Mexican cats

The Mexican mystical imagination is very prolix. Therefore, this is just a compilation of the most representative names that you could use for your cat:

  • Chelameans “beer” and Mexicans use this term to refer to people with white complexions, blond hair and blue eyes.
  • Nikté, in Mayan is “May flower”.
  • Catrina. It alludes to the Calavera Garbancera created by the cartoonist José Guadalupe Posada, around which the Day of the Dead, on November 1, revolves.
  • Cemita, is a crusty bread widely consumed in Mexico. Because of its cinnamon color, you could use it if your kitten’s coat is this tone.
  • Chavela, alternative form of Isabel that means “oath of God” or “God is my oath”.
  • Ikal, in Mayan means “spirit”.
  • Istak, comes from Nahuatl and means “clean” or “white”.
  • Mitzi, goddess of rain for the Aztecs. They use it to refer to the baby that is highly desired. Can you think of a more beautiful name to show your affection?
  • Tlali, in Nahuatl means “land”.
  • Yanél, of Tenek origin, this word means “abundance”.
  • Tonalli, in Nahuatl means “heat of the Sun” or “destination”.
  • Xochitl, also from the Nahuatl indigenous language and means “flower”.

Other Mexican names for kittens

With a more casual and funny character, we propose these names that you can use regardless of the sex of your pet:

  • Tequila, is there anything more Mexican than this drink?
  • Imari, in Aztec means “corn”.
  • Chalupa. In this case, it refers to an omelette filled with meat that is usually accompanied by two sauces, one green and one red.
  • Bolillo, is a white bread made with wheat flour and widely consumed for its low price. It will make a good tandem with muscular or sociable cats.
  • Mitote, in Nahuatl means “tumult” or “party”. Ideal for vocal and outgoing cats.
  • Cuate, is used to refer to the twin who does not look like his brother. What better name for your alter ego !
  • Titan. Is your cat big and energetic? This name will suit you like a glove.

Tips for choosing the perfect name

As we have already pointed out previously, it is convenient that you choose a short name, of no more than 2 syllables, and that is easy to pronounce. Names containing “a”, “e” and “i” have been found to be easier for cats to learn. Dare to be original and take time to find the name that you like the most.

Take into account their abilities, personality and physical appearance to choose the most appropriate name. Make sure it will suit him just as well as an adult. Never repeat names or use nicknames or diminutives, because it will cause confusion and you will not recognize it as your own. Always call him the same way .

In short, we want you to understand the importance of choosing a good name for your pet, as it will, in part, mark your future relationship. Have you discovered any that have caught your attention? Let us know through the comments. We would love to read you and know that we have inspired you.


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