Meaning of dreaming about cats

Meaning of dreaming about cats

Few dream characters are more recurrent and rich in nuances than cats. If you have also dreamed of cats on some occasion pay attention to the following lines, because we are going to outline their meaning according to the principles that govern the interpretation of dreams.

You have to know that, in general, the cat challenges your spiritual side , your fantasies, beliefs and the image you project on others. It is equated to a sign of good luck and prosperity, although your perception of cats is decisive in clarifying the true meaning of the dream.

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Dreaming of cats, what does it represent?

Although cats are an omen of prosperity or the future reception of good news, sometimes the dreams in which they appear can have contradictory meanings. This is because for some people cats allude to negative qualities (mystery, lies, darkness …) while for others they are the opposite.

Therefore, in addition to attending to the size, age and color of the pussycat, you should pay attention to how you felt in that dream with cats . As a curiosity it deserves your attention that for the Egyptians the cats were the guardians of the night, since this civilization maintained that the eyes of the cats shone in the darkness of the night to provide them with light.

Meaning of dreaming about black cats

Dreaming of one or more black cats urges some fear or doubt that worries you, that you have pending, but to which you do not dedicate the time necessary to clear it. It can refer to a new project that you have in mind, that you must polish and whose future worries you.

It can also be related to your social behavior, which can be plagued with prejudices and conventions that do not allow you to show yourself as you are in any of the spheres of life (at work, with your partner or with friends).

However, what the cat’s behavior is will provide more details and enrich the meaning of the dream. It is not the same that that black cat attacks you, that he looks at you or that he plays with you peacefully.

Meaning of dreaming that a cat attacks you

If in your daydream you see that a cat attacks you, it means that there is a real danger that you must work against. If the cat submits you in this attack, it indicates that you should try harder to tackle this problem. If you succeed in getting out of it, the meaning is just the opposite, that this threat will pass without causing more headaches.

Likewise, that the cat scratches you or tries to do it refers to a person or situation that clouds your existence. Your reaction in the dream will make the difference between one interpretation and another. If you manage to avoid the cat and do not suffer damage, it is clear that the threat is less and that it will not cause great damage .

If in the dream representation you kill a cat, it goes without saying that the meaning results in your victory over the problems that concern you.

Meaning of dreaming about small cats

Unlike young cats, dreaming of small adult cats corresponds to an undertaking or project. Even if you feel overwhelmed because you do not know how it will evolve, this dream emphasizes the need to overcome those fears .

In the interpretation of dreams, small cats are linked to youth. Consequently, this dream could alert you to the convenience of taking more care of yourself. Perhaps the time has come to watch your diet and exercise more.

Meaning of dreaming about white cats

In Anglo-Saxon culture, white cats are considered the incarnation of deceased relatives. If you are thinking that dreaming of one of them is indicative of something positive, we are sorry to contradict you. These kinds of daydreams refer to your innocence. Take it as a warning that you are beginning to distrust .

In turn, it refers to illusions or desires that you have in mind but that lack the basis to prosper. If during the dream you have felt uncomfortable, you should begin to establish the bases to materialize those ideas.

Meaning of dreaming about colored cats

If they are dirty and of different colors, this dream refers to the criticism and indiscretions of which you will be a victim. It also indicates that you are a radical person and that you should weigh your decisions more.

Meaning of dreaming about dead cats

This reverie is always indicative of a possible fraud or scam. They are going to try to trick you, so you should take precautions. It also refers to a possible state of professional stagnation , you are exhausted, without resources and it is difficult for you to make decisions. It is time to remedy it.

Meaning of dreaming of many cats

If the cats are great, your efforts are paying off, you will succeed and a very promising future job holds for you. However, if the cats are moving in opposite directions and without judgment it means that you have too many open fronts and that you must prioritize, since none of them are thriving.

Meaning of dreaming that you play with cats

If the scene is happy and harmonious, there is no doubt that the message is positive. It is related to the family environment. If you are an overprotective person or a member of the family worries you, this dream gives you good vibes. No need to worry, everything will be fine. Likewise, it refers to prosperity and abundance.

Meaning of dreaming about cats and dogs fighting

In this case, it refers to those fears that paralyze you and the people around you who may have a double face. If it is the cats that attack the dog, you must rebel and remedy the difficulties that distress you .

If, on the contrary, it is the dog that attacks the feline, it refers to the fact that you deceive yourself and ignore aspects that concern you. The reading that you should extract from this dream is that you must start to trust your intuition more.

Meaning of dreaming about cats in water

It means that you are a very capable and disciplined person. You will achieve everything you set your mind to.

Meaning of dreaming about cats that hunt mice

You are going to recover something that you lost, that loss may be related to the sentimental or work plane. Likewise, it may mean that you must protect yourself from someone who wants to take advantage of your vulnerability.

Meaning of dreaming about cats in your house

If an unfamiliar cat comes to your house, it refers to a sexual fantasy. If you feed him confirm the consummation of this possible infidelity on your part.

Meaning of dreaming about cats and snakes

This is one of the most difficult dreams to interpret due to the many connotations it can have. Everything will depend on how you felt in the dream, but usually it refers to fears that you want to hide from yourself , that you do not admit.

It is possible that someone tries to extract a secret from you and even if, in principle, you object, you end up revealing everything and this harms you for life.

As you can see, the field of dreaming about cats is vast and rich in interpretations. This has been a small compilation that we hope you have found interesting and with which you have learned a lot. What has been your dream?


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