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If you are looking for an adorable and affectionate domestic feline that is also larger than a common European and that looks like a miniature lion, you are not asking for the impossible ūüôā.¬†There is a breed that meets everything you ask for, and that is the¬†Maine Coon¬†cat¬†.

With a weight of up to 11kg (the male), this precious furry has a look that will make the whole family fall in love, be it children, the elderly or adults.

Origin and history of the Maine Coon


The Maine Coon, the giant of cats, is a breed native to the United States , specifically Maine. But the truth is that he does not know well what his story is, since there are many theories about it, some more logical than others:

  • There is a legend that goes back to 1793, which tells the story of Captain Samuel Clough, a native of Wiscasset (Maine), who was carrying Queen Marie Antoinette’s luggage in the Sally, in which a cat was found.
  • There is a story in which it is said that the Vikings were the first to arrive in America, and that they were accompanied by cats who kept rodents at bay.
  • The most logical theory says that it is actually a cross between long-haired cats (such as the angora) and American wild cats.

Be that as it may, in 1953 the Central Maine Coon Cat Club was created in Maine, which would serve to popularize one of the most adorable domestic cats in the world.

Physical characteristics


According to the International Feline Federation, our protagonist must have:

  • Weight: between 6.8 and 11kg for the male and between 4.5 and 6.8kg for the female.
  • Body: elongated and muscular covered with short hair on the head but longer as it gets closer to the tail.
  • Head: medium, with prominent cheekbones.
  • Ears: long and pointed.
  • Eyes: large and oval, any color except blue unless it is a white Maine Coon.

Breed colors

Although all colors are accepted (with the exception of colorpoint, chocolate, cinnamon, lilac and fawn) in recent years there is more demand for a few in particular. And it is not for less: the color of his fur is very, very beautiful. Are these:

Black maine coon


Image –

If you want to have a little black panther with semi-long hair, this can undoubtedly be your new furry best friend.

Maine Coon white


Image –

If, on the other hand, you want it to have snow-white fur, this is your furry ūüôā.

Maine Coon gray


Gray is a very elegant color, which gives the feline a mysterious, enigmatic appearance.

Brindle maine coon


The brindle is the oldest pattern. It can be gray or orange brindle.

What is its character?

This breed of cat¬†is known to be adorable and very affectionate¬†.¬†He enjoys being with his human family, whether it’s watching TV or playing around.¬†In this sense, it is usually a very calm cat, although it can have, like any other feline, its “moments of madness” during which it starts running around the house or playing with the water.

He is also very sociable , so much so that it is relatively easy to get him to get along with other animals, such as dogs. But to be happy, he will need to be taught to go with a leash and harness , because he loves to go out for a walk (yes, always in quiet places). In this article we explain how to get it.

What care does it require?

The Maine Coon must receive a series of daily care so that its health and happiness are guaranteed. They are as follows:


The most advisable thing is to¬†give either a high quality feed¬†or to opt for a more natural diet such as the Yum, Summum or Barf Diet.¬†If you opt for the latter, we advise you to ask for help from a nutritionist specialized in feline nutrition, because doing it wrong would put the animal’s health at risk.




Their hair is brushed twice a day during the shedding season, and once a day the rest of the year. You can use a brush with stiff bristles, and the FURminator , which will remove all dead hair.


Once a week, the ears should be cleaned with a clean gauze (one for each ear) moistened in warm water, without going deep.


Two or three times a week, the eyes should be cleaned with a clean gauze (one for each eye), moistened with chamomile infusion. In this way, in addition to cleaning them, the risk of infection will be reduced.


Even though you will spend between 16 and 18 hours sleeping, when you are awake you will want to play, move, run. Not only is it something you need to stay in shape, but it is also very important that you do it to reduce your risk of becoming depressed.

For this reason, every day you have to spend time every day and play with it , using any cat toy that can be found for sale in pet stores, such as soft toys, balls or rods.


It may seem logical, but I have thought it convenient to add it because sometimes it is the case that an animal is acquired, in this case a cat, and then it is ignored. It is, really, very important that before deciding to bring a furry home, you talk with the family so that later problems do not arise , otherwise coexistence is not going to be pleasant for anyone, and less for the cat.

Another topic that I would like to talk about is visits. If we leave the cat locked in a room when someone comes to see us, the only thing we will achieve is that it distrusts people. Therefore, it is necessary that you be with us as long as possible so that you always feel encouraged and happy.


The Maine Coon is generally a breed in good health. However, it is advisable to take him to the vet to get the necessary vaccinations , neuter or sterilize him at the age of 5-6 months, and take him to be checked regularly as it is a breed that can have hip dysplasia .


How much does a Maine Coon cost?

Would you like to live with a Maine Coon?¬†This adorable ‘giant’ is an animal that will undoubtedly make you spend very funny moments, and others tender.¬†But you have to bear in mind that the price is about¬†900 euros¬†if you plan to buy it in a hatchery.

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