Maine Coon Cat Breed

Maine Coon Cat Breed

Don’t be fooled by its imposing appearance. The Maine Coon or Maine cat boasts the perfect balance between sweetness and wildness. He will always be willing to play with you and be loved.

His strong, rectangular build endows him with a physique worthy of numerous awards . Do you know that the first cat contest was won by a cat of this breed? His name was Cosey and it happened in New York’s Madison Square in 1895.

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Maine Coon breed characteristics

This breed is one of the largest in felines. Not surprisingly, Stewie holds the Guinness record for the largest cat on the planet since 2013. Its long, furry tail, together with a longer fur on its legs, chest and belly give it great majesty.

Origin United States (Maine)
Big size
Weight from 7 to 10 kg for males and 5 to 7 kg for females
Long, abundant and dense hair. Bicolor, tricolor, tabby, smoke or tortoiseshell
Square head with prominent cheekbones
Wide, pointed ears with a brush finish
Large oblique eyes
Long hairy tail
Estimated longevity of 10 to 15 years
Difficulty taking care of it medium


Character of the Maine Coon breed cat

Its independent nature denotes that for decades it was employed as a working cat. He enjoys being outdoors, so much so that he likes to play with the water. He can take care of himself and his hunting instinct will do its thing if you have a garden.

He is calm, affectionate and even a bit of a clown. In that sense, females are somewhat more demure. They are not unfriendly cats with strangers and they enjoy the company of children or other pets.

The Maine Coon is smart and tough. You rarely do not get what you set out to do. He will live happily in a small apartment if you train him since he was a puppy. Of course, do not interfere with their instinct for freedom by setting limits that are too tight.

Interactive toys are great for times when you need to be alone. It will entertain you while you overcome new challenges.

One trait that sets this breed apart is its communicative ability : you will hear it emit a wide variety of meows and chirps.

Maine Coon cat care

Their long hair requires regular brushing, at least 3 times a week. To do this, you can use a brush with long, metal bristles or a double-sided brush. On the one hand, you will untangle and on the other, you will expel the remains of food and dead hair.

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Do not forget to brush his tail, always in the direction of the hair, gently, without pulling. This breed has a tendency to swallow hairballs that you will prevent or facilitate its elimination if you give it a little palm for cats.

Clean his eyes and the anal area with a moistened gauze or cloth. This will prevent infection and tangles in those areas.

It is important that your litter box is according to its large size. Otherwise, he will find another place to relieve himself . Opt for the unscented clumping sand and change it several times a week.

Provide him with a scraper, ropes, boxes or any object that can serve as prey so that he can have fun and sharpen his nails naturally. Or file your nails to avoid making you feel uncomfortable.

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One bath a month will be enough to keep it healthy and flawless. The water should be around 36-38 ºC and you should use a specific shampoo for felines. Do not use it every time you bathe it.

Their diet must be rich in omega fatty acids and linoleic acid to take care of their joints, since due to their large size they tend to suffer over the years. Biotin will preserve your skin and hair in perfect condition.

Select a feed that provides the vitamins and minerals you need but with a low fat content. Also pay attention to the fiber content and replenish your water every day.

Avoid abusing the air conditioning so as not to keep it in a permanent state of mute and make sure to keep your vaccination schedule up to date. With 2 veterinary reviews a year and the recommendations that we have given you, your Maine Coon will be healthy and happy. Guaranteed!

Common diseases in the Maine Coon breed

This breed has a certain predisposition to various diseases, some of them such as hip dysplasia due to consanguinity or excessive or insufficient physical activity. This malformation places the hind legs in an X shape and is very painful for the cat.

Other recurrent pathologies in the Maine Coon are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the deformation of the sternum that results in a hump on its back and the rex gene. The latter is a very unusual gene that causes its entire coat to be curly.

Origin of the Maine Coon and fun facts

There are several theories about the origin of this breed, as well as the reason for its name. Some point to cabin boy Tom Coon who collected cats as charms for the ship he was traveling on.

For others, its name comes from the conjunction of cat (cat) and racoon (raccoon), something biologically quite unlikely, don’t you think?

Regarding its origin, one of the theories points to Marie Antoinette as responsible, in her flight from France, that her 6 Turkish Angora cats landed in Wiscasset, in the US state of Maine. For this reason, they are also called “Maine cats.”

The other of the theories alludes to the Vikings. When they arrived in America they carried their cats, descendants of the Norwegian forest cats , which mixed with the native wild cats.

The truth is that the Maine Coon became a very popular breed in the United States starting in the 1980s. Previously, it was overshadowed by the adorable Persian cats .

They were used to exterminate rodent pests on farms for their extraordinary ability to hunt. Do you know that the first Maine Coons were polydactile? They consisted of up to 6 digits, a virtue that increased their grasping skills.

The International Feline Federation (FIFE) officially recognized the breed in 1982, being a regular among the winners of many cat shows. Because of his peaceful and loving temperament, some call him a “gentle giant.”

Surely, at this point it will not surprise you why there are thousands of fans of this breed. Nobility and beauty in its purest form.


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