Lifelong and Solimo, Amazon’s dog and cat food brands

It is a fact that more and more companies are creating new brands of food for dogs and cats, and Amazon did not want to be left behind. Therefore, in addition to making your usual purchases, you can also take advantage and buy their Lifelong and / or Solimo feed for your furry ones.

But … do you know what its composition is? Before buying any brand, it is very important to read the label of the ingredients , as this will avoid surprises. And that is precisely what we are going to talk about: what these feed are made of and whether they are recommended or not.

History of Lifelong and Solimo

There are numerous brands of feed on the market, both for dogs and cats. And that, although it can be interesting, sometimes it is not so, since choosing one is not always easy. Lifelong and Solimo, are Amazon’s brands, and were formulated by animal nutritionists and reviewed by veterinarians. They began to be sold in the large online shopping center in 2018.

What types of feed do you sell?

They sell both dry and wet feed, which in the case of cats are the following:

Are they good brands of feed for cats?


At this point, you are probably interested in knowing if they are good or not, right? Well, to answer that question, you must first ask yourself another: what do cats eat? Meat , either from land animals or – much less frequently – marine. But cats, like tigers, lions, and, ultimately, all of that wonderful family, are carnivores.

Both Lifelong and Solimo contain cereals, corn and / or rice, and although they say that the ingredients with which they are made are suitable for human consumption, this does not mean anything. People are omnivores, we can digest both meat and cereals, but cats have a digestive system that has evolved only to digest meat . For this reason, also, it is advisable to give them a meal that has a high percentage of this ingredient, at least 70%.

However, I must say that I am not an expert in feline nutrition, but I do not think it is necessary either. No one would think of giving a lion cereal. Why are cats fed with feed rich in corn, rice, etc.?

In any case, if we do not have enough money to buy one without cereals, Amazon’s feed is not bad in its price category , even compared to others that have a similar or even higher cost, they are really interesting. Why? Because they do not contain artificial colors or flavors, and that is a point in their favor.

On the other hand, they carry some fresh meat, which is difficult to see in low quality brands.


But yes, if you suspect that your felines have a food allergy -something that you will know if they vomit right after or shortly after eating- do not hesitate to give them a better quality feed.


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