Lambkin a cross between the Munchin and the Rex Selkirk

The Lambkin breed is one of those breeds known as new, the result of an intentional mutation by breeders. From the crossing of a Munchkin , known for their short legs  with the curly-haired breed, Rex Selkirk came out the new breed known as Lambkin , although they are also known as Rex Nanus, heading the smaller and rarer breeds of cats.

Its coat is very similar to that of a lamb , as it has long, curly and matted fur. They have blue or green eyes and their tail is very long. Despite being one of those races known as dwarfs , they are very capable of jumping and jumping without any problem.

The Lambkin cat is characterized by being one of those affectionate, friendly and very adorable felines , it is the ideal pet for calm humans, since its character is very relaxed, therefore to live inside the house, it is the perfect ally.

To know a little more about this breed of dwarf cats we have to be guided a little by their crosses, firstly the Munchkin cat is a small breed , weighing between 2 and 4 kilos depending on its development. The legs are much shorter than any other feline, but very straight and with the claws slightly outwards. Actually this breed began to breed in 1995 precisely with the intention of creating a short-legged breed.

As for the Rex Selkirk , it is also a medium breed of cats, weighing between 2 and 4 kilos, its main characteristic is its completely wavy coat all over the body that can be long or short. It has a rounded head, short, wide and straight nose.

Therefore it can be said that the Lambkin is a hybrid that has brought out the stature of the dwarf Munchkin, as well as its endearing temperament and the fur of the Rex Selkirk as well as its passive and affectionate temperament.


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