Korat Cat Breed

Korat Cat Breed

This feline breed is one of the oldest and purest that exist. In fact, its evolution has been unrelated to human intervention. In its native Siam, present-day Thailand, it is a cat much appreciated and revered for attracting good luck, even today.

His main hallmarks are his uniform, shiny, silvery blue cloak , his heart-shaped face, his large ears, and his luminous green eyes. A specimen of great beauty with a calm and affectionate character.

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acteristics of the Korat cat

The body of the korat is slim, compact and muscular. Its soft lines will attract your attention, it is a cat with an elegant bearing, very agile and with a friendly look. Looking at it, it is not difficult to understand the many positive beliefs that revolve around it.

Origin Asia (Thailand)
Small size
Weight from 3 to 5 kg males and 2 to 4 kg females
Short or semi-long hair, fine and very soft. Uniform silver blue color
Rounded head. His face is heart-shaped
Large ears, set high and always erect
Large, round eyes of a bewitching green. When they are born they are blue, over the years they turn amber and in adulthood they acquire the definitive green hue
Tail of medium length, thick and with a rounded tip
Estimated longevity of 10 to 18 years
Difficulty caring for it low


What is the character of the Korat breed like?

These cats are very intelligent, calm, playful and talkative. They treasure a particular and melodic way of purring and meowing when they want to get your attention . They love spending time with their owner and if it is playing much better.

They do not tolerate noise and sudden movements, so they are not the ideal pet for families with young children. In fact, they are happiest with adult humans and in quiet, calm environments, such as in the field.

As they are very intelligent felines, they do not miss the opportunity to explore or hunt. Do you know that they are very skilled at climbing and finding hidden objects? They tolerate spending time alone well, but provide them with interactive toys. You will be surprised what they can achieve.

Care for the Korat cat

If it is short hair you should brush it a couple of times a week. Use a wide, spaced-toothed comb. If it is long-haired, you should do it, at least 3 times a week, using, in this case, a long metal comb.

Clean your eyes daily . Your ears and teeth should be sanitized once a week using specific products for cat grooming. Choose a quality feed that provides you with the nutrients you need to stay healthy and happy.

To prevent overweight, ration the recommended daily amount prescribed by the manufacturer or the veterinarian in several doses at the end of the day, always accompanied by clean and fresh water.

Keep their vaccinations up to date , as well as deworming, and don’t hesitate to visit the vet when you spot something unusual or want advice. The moments sharing caresses and confidences with you will do the rest so that your pet lives fully.

How is the health of the Korat breed?

If we look at their high longevity, we can conclude that they are naturally strong and healthy specimens. However, they tend to develop a neuromuscular disease called GM1 gangliosis .

It manifests itself in puppies less than 4 months old and is detected with a simple blood test. Luckily, if the cat is only a carrier, it will be able to live asymptomatic without the symptoms affecting its quality of life.

Apart from this condition, they are kept in good condition if they are cared for, maintaining the hygiene, diet and exercise guidelines that are common in all breeds.

History of the breed and fun facts

The korat come from the ancient kingdom of Siam, present-day Thailand. Specifically, they belong to the Cao Nguyan Khorat region that has always stood out for its concentration of blue cats.

In their native Thailand they are called Si-Sawaat, which means “good luck”, and they are revered because they are considered an amulet that attracts prosperity and happiness. His heart-shaped face and silver cloak are responsible for these beliefs.

So much so that they are also referred to as the “color of prosperity”, since in this part of the planet well-being is associated with the color silver. Do you know that they have the custom of giving a couple of korat cats to the newlyweds to ensure their health and happiness?

Its origin dates back to 1350. There are several manuscripts from the Ayundhaya period in which reference is made to its beauty, linking them to luxurious environments. In the Smud Khoi or “Book of Poems about Cats” we find the first illustration of a korat.

This manuscript is kept in the National Library in Bangkok. Korat were introduced to the West in the second half of the 20th century through the USA. On the old continent they are not yet a well-known breed and, in fact, there are few breeders.

Along with the British shorthair, the Russian blue and the chartreux , the korat is the fourth breed of blue cat existing in the feline universe. Do you know that they reach sexual maturity at 5 years of age? A very late age for most other breeds.

As a curiosity, you should know that korat have a specially developed sense of smell, superior to that of other races. As you can see, a small cat with exemplary behavior and genuine beauty that has a lot to offer you.


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