Khao Manee Cat Breed

Khao Manee Cat Breed

This breed shares its Thai origin with the Siamese, Burmese and Korat . However, the Khao Manee has historically been the favorite cat of the royalty of this country, considering it an amulet that attracts good luck and happiness.

Its name means ‘white gem’, although it is also known by other names such as ‘diamond eyes’, ‘Sian’s royal cat’ or ‘white jewel’ that give us an approximation of the true value of these felines in their native Thailand.

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Characteristics of the Khao Manee cat

His bearing is muscular and elegant, but what is most striking about his appearance is his white cloak and his different colored eyes . However, in the most recent litters there has been a certain decrease in the cases of heterochromia, so characteristic of this breed.

Origin Asia (Thailand)
Medium size
Weight from 3 to 6 kg males and 2.5 to 5 kg females
Short, dense and smooth hair. White color (albino)
Heart-shaped head, with prominent cheekbones
Medium ears, separated, wide at the base and with a rounded tip. They are always upright, giving it an aspect of permanent alertness
Oval and slightly oblique eyes. One of the eyes can be blue or grayish while the other will be green, yellow, amber or brown
Long, wide tail at the base
Estimated longevity of 10 to 12 years
Difficulty caring for it low


Character of the Khao Manee breed

The Khao Manee is an extremely affectionate, sociable and vocal feline . You need constant contact with humans. In fact, he loves to play with children and cannot bear to be alone. It meows at all hours and for everything, many times, for the mere pleasure of doing it.

Although he adapts easily to indoor environments, he thoroughly enjoys exploring the outdoors . He will always be ready to receive strangers and his curiosity knows no end. It will accompany its owner everywhere to check what he is doing.

Care for the Khao Manee breed

Its immaculate coat gets dirty easily, so it needs to be groomed and brushed on a regular basis. Brushing several times a week is recommended to remove dead hair and preserve its natural shine.

Their ears should also be cleaned frequently, at least once a week to remove ear wax and mites . Your diet should prioritize the contribution of proteins and fats, rationing the dose in 2 doses at the end of the day. Hydration is also essential.

Regular exercise will help prevent overweight associated with sedentary lifestyle, along with taking care of the rations administered at meals. Internal and external deworming, as well as updating the vaccination calendar are necessary.

Since its reproductive life begins before 6 months of life, it is advisable to castrate it as soon as possible , if it has been decided not to breed it.

How is the health of the Khao Manee cat?

The truth is that this breed is quite unknown outside of Thailand, a circumstance that explains that it is not known congenital or hereditary diseases. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most natural feline breeds known.

What we are aware of is the prevalence of deafness, total or partial , as has been recurrent in albino cats with blue eyes, as well as curled tails. Going to the vet will get us out of doubts regarding the degree of deafness.

History of the breed and fun facts

The Khao Manee was the favorite breed of the Thai King Rama V. During his reign, from 1868 to 1910, he dedicated himself to her breeding. The first written references to this breed date back to 1350, specifically pointing to the Tamra Maew that compiles numerous poems about cats.

This breed was introduced to the US in 1999 by Colleen Freymouth. However, as we say, it is still a little-known feline breed in the West. In addition, there are few breeders and their price is very high.

As a curiosity, it should be noted that some Khao Manee calves are born with a dark spot on the head that disappears after a few months. In short, it is an exotic cat, very beautiful and sweet that continues to be highly coveted in Thailand.


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