Japanese Bobtail cat, a sociable and very affectionate oriental cat

Although the name sounds strange to you, surely if you are a fan of cats you will have seen or heard about this peculiar breed. In some northern provinces of Japan, they are known as lucky cats . There they have become the symbol of the famous tricolor cat that has been around the world, the Maneki-Neko , the kitten that raises its front paw and moves it as if it were waving.

The Japanese Bobtail is a beautiful and affectionate furry that can live perfectly in a flat, since its exercise needs are not as high as those of, for example, the Bengal. Do you want to know more about this beautiful breed? Don’t stop reading.

Origin and history of the Japanese Bobtail


Although the origin is still uncertain, it is believed that they arrived on the Asian continent around 1000 years ago . The most accepted theory says that it is originally from the Kuril Islands, and that it must have reached the Japanese country by boat.

Around the year 1602 in Japan it was prohibited to buy, sell or keep a bobtail cat : all those who were found had to be released in order to keep the rat population that was affecting the rice and silk industry at bay. After solving this serious problem, these cats became the iconic stray cats of the country.

In 1968 Elizabeth Freret and Lynn Beck introduced them to America, from where they could reach Europe and the rest of the world.

Physical characteristics

The Japanese bobtail is a medium-sized cat characterized by its short tail that has a unique corkscrew shape, but is flat in shape. If you are looking at it from a distance, it is most likely that it looks like a very pompous ball of hair, but up close, you can analyze its beautiful appearance that makes it so special.

The head should form an equilateral triangle, with the ears and eyes wide apart. Its legs are robust and athletic. Its body is lean and muscular , and it is protected by a coat of hair that can be long or short.

It weighs around 4kg and has a life expectancy of 18 years .

Behavior and personality

The Japanese Bobtail is characterized by being quite active and sociable ; In fact, although all cats are very curious and active, he can be even more so, so much so that he sleeps somewhat less than the vast majority of furry cats.

It adapts very easily to a new situation or experience . It also adapts well to the company of new people and other animals, so it will not have any problem if you have to go away and leave it somewhere else while you return. He is very affectionate and playful, which makes him excellent company.

How to care for the Japanese Bobtail cat?



There are many brands of feed that are highly recommended for Japanese Bobtail , such as Acana, Orijen, Ownat grain-free, or Taste of the Wild. All of these have a common characteristic: they do not have cereals, but they do have a significant amount of meat / fish, so without a doubt your furry can have a correct growth and development, as well as a good maintenance.


Every day it is important to brush it in order to keep it free of dirt . In addition, you must make sure that both eyes and ears are clean, since the opposite could be a symptom of illness.


It is generally a very healthy cat, but it can have hairballs . To avoid this, in addition to brushing it daily, it is highly advisable to pass the FURminator daily , which is a comb that removes practically all dead hair, and to put a little cat malt on its paw once a day.

Legend of the Japanese Bobtail


This furry is pretty, right? If you still want to know more, we are going to tell you a Japanese legend about this breed. He tells that on a winter night a cat slept by a fire. As he rested, his tail began to burn.

When he found out, he was terribly scared and ran throughout the city spreading the flames, causing many houses to go to ashes. After which, the Emperor ordered to cut the tails of all cats to avoid further misfortune.

As in all legends, there is something true and something that is not . In this one in particular, it is likely that there was a fire in a town or village, but we do not believe that it was caused by a cat. Even so, this beautiful breed is a cat with which sure to have the best 18 years of your life 😉.


If no matter how hard you think you want a Japanese Bobtail cat to become part of your life, tell you that the price of a puppy is about 500 euros . That price may be slightly lower if you are going to get it at a pet store.

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