Is your cat always hungry? 7 reasons that explain it to you.

Do you notice that your cat is always hungry? He wants to eat, your cat asks for food all the time !

In this article, I will show you the possible causes of this problem (also known as polyphagia).

You should know, polyphagia in itself is not a disease. It is a symptom of inappropriate behavior or a disease of the cat.

1. It has just been sterilized

When a cat (male or female) has been spayed, it is not uncommon for its appetite to increase, leading to an increase in weight. The reason is that your  hormonal secretions  have drastically decreased,  preventing you from regulating the amount of food consumed according to your caloric needs.

Also, the cat becomes less active and needs to regain its energy. That is why it is necessary to give him a less caloric diet, suitable for sterilized cats . To ease the feeling of hunger, vegetables , such as zucchini, can also be  added to your meals.

2. Has parasites

If your cat has intestinal parasites , they can absorb all the nutrients from their food, making them always hungry . These worms can cause your cat’s belly to swell, making him look overweight even though he’s hungry all the time.

Your vet can test a fecal sample to confirm if your cat has intestinal parasites. Be careful, your cat’s worms can spread to humans.

To avoid this, it is recommended to  deworm your pet  every month up to 6 months and  4 times a year , at each change of season.

3. Your cat is bored

The cat is an animal that needs to be  stimulated daily , both physically and mentally. In nature,  hunting , which was his favorite activity, allowed him to pass the time. From now on, our feline friends live locked in apartments with hardly any distractions and with uninteresting toys.

Cats, like humans, can eat because they are bored. There are two simple solutions to this problem: provide more stimulation around the house through toys, play structures, etc. and give the cat less food. You can also combine food and play using puzzle toys that force him to struggle to get food.

If you work during the day, be sure to find something to occupy your cat during her absence .

4. The cat is sick

A desperately hungry cat  can be a sign of a disease, such as  hyperthyroidism,  diabetes, or cancer.

  • Hyperthyroidism:Cats with an overactive thyroid gland have hyperthyroidism and it always makes them feel hungry, it is common in old cats. Simple blood tests performed by the vet can diagnose a cat with this disease. It can be treated with medications.
  • Diabetes  –In diabetes, the pancreas does not produce insulin properly, and as a result, the cat cannot use the sugars produced by digesting food for energy. Your cat will feel hungry because his body lacks the necessary energy despite eating. A cat with diabetes may need insulin injections. Your appetite will return to normal once the disease is controlled.
  • Cancerthat can cause your cat not to stop eating. The cancers gastrointestinal, such as adenocarcinoma and leiomyosarcoma , can cause intestinal tumors that hinder your cat’s ability to absorb food. This can lead to an increase in appetite.

5 . Wants to get your attention

If your cat is constantly asking for food during the day, it may simply be because he has gotten used to it  Perhaps he has realized that every time he meows at you, you feed him to shut up. When ordering food, attract your attention.  Also, the feeding ritual can be a particularly cherished moment for your cat and he likes to prolong it over and over again.

In any case, you only have one option: to  ignore your cat  when he demands food from you. By not getting what you want, you will eliminate this bad habit.  It will cost you, of course, but if you don’t give in, this behavior won’t go away.

6. Your food is of poor quality

Poor quality feed contains a lot of  fats that are rapidly metabolized  by the cat’s body. They do not give you a feeling of fullness. To avoid that your cat always wants to eat, it is absolutely necessary to provide him with a  quality diet  adapted to his needs (if he is a kitten, an old man, a sick person, an overweight …). If you are not sure of the quality of the feed, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian.

7. Your cat is depressed

If your cat is depressed, he can eat to calm himself . It is similar to how humans turn to pizza or ice cream when they feel depressed. Eating feels better.

Your cat may be depressed after the loss of another pet or a major change in his life. If you think your cat is depressed, try adjusting your schedule so that you can spend more time with him and encourage him to play. If your cat is grieving the loss of a companion, she may just need some time.


In short, I have indicated the reasons why your cat can always be hungry. Sudden changes in behavior can be difficult to detect at first. Over time, they will become apparent. For example, if your cat is eating so fast that it later vomits, or if it accepts food immediately after eating or even resorts to stealing your food, you may have to consider that something is wrong.

The first thing will be to rule out the simplest reasons for such behavior (for example, a low-quality diet). If problems persist, see your vet. It will be able to confidently identify what is happening to you and give you some peace of mind.



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