Is tuna good for cats?

One of the most frequent doubts is whether tuna is good for cats , since it is often said that it should not be given to them because it can make them feel bad. And reason is not lacking.

These animals love tuna; Now, we will not be able to give them of any kind. To learn more about this topic, we invite you to continue reading .

Can Cats Eat Tuna?


Tuna is a fish enjoyed by felines, and also by many humans. A tuna sandwich, or a salad with tuna is, for many, delicious. It’s no wonder felines want us to give them a little … or a ‘a lot’. Enjoy! But you have to be very careful , because not all tunas are good for them.

Can Cats Eat Canned Tuna?

It’s easy to take a can of tuna, open it, and have cats eagerly waiting for you to give them something. But this is not good. Of course, if you give them a little in a timely manner, nothing will happen to them, but for their sake it is best to never give them as they contain mercury . Mercury is a heavy metal that, in large quantities, affects the nervous system of these animals.

In addition, they also contain Bisphenol A or BPA, which is another toxic that affects the health of felines, and high levels of sodium which can harm them.

How do you know if a cat is poisoned by canned tuna?

It is very difficult for a cat to be poisoned by eating canned tuna, unless it usually eats it . In these cases, it could be that you have these symptoms:

If you have any of them, you should go immediately to the vet .


Give him fresh tuna from time to time


Although our cats will not like the idea of ​​not eating cans of tuna again, we can give them joy if we give them fresh tuna from time to time , which comes from the most recent catch.

When that is not possible, that is to say, that the fish is frozen, what we will do is allow it to defrost completely and then subject it to a light cooking (it should not be as cooked as if we were preparing it for human consumption). Then, we will remove all the thorns, we will take a piece that we will cut into pieces, and finally we will serve it if they no longer burn.

Are there other alternatives to canned tuna?

The truth is, yes : cans of high-quality wet cat food, such as Applaws for example, or Taste of the Wild . Of course, they are not very cheap to say (a 156g can costs 2-3 euros), but it is worth giving them as a reward from time to time throughout the month 🙂.

Or if we prefer, and it will cost us less, it is to give it meat. If we eat a carnivorous or omnivorous diet, sometimes a week we prepare a recipe with this food. That day we can take the opportunity to cut a small piece, cook it (or fry it with olive oil), and serve it to the cat when it has cooled down a bit.

What to feed a cat?


Cats are carnivores by nature, so we do not have to give them vegetables or cereals because their body will not do any good. But today we can choose what to give them, since we have:

  • Homemade food: it is bought in supermarkets, so it is suitable for human consumption. This means that it has passed numerous quality controls before arriving at these shopping centers. But just in case, it is highly recommended to at least cook the meat and fish before serving it to the feline.
  • YUM diet for cats: it is similar to homemade food, but everything is shredded. It is very interesting since it is kept in the freezer, and you only have to cut the piece that you want to give the day or the following week.
  • Cans for cats: there are many brands, sizes and prices. You have to read the label of the ingredients, and choose those that do not have cereals (oats, corn, rice, etc.) or by-products. For example, those from Animonda, Applaws, True Instinct or Criadores have a very good value for money.
  • I think for cats: it is the same as with cans: there are many and more and more. Competition between brands will increase over time, so it will be increasingly important to read the ingredient label. And it is not difficult to find a brand that claims that its feed has what the cat needs, but then find that it contains some type of cereal as the first ingredient, and that it also has by-products.
    To avoid taking unnecessary risks, I recommend looking for brands that are quality, which will be those like those already mentioned, or others that do not include cereals in their feed.

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